Where Eric Cressey will be Presenting in Vancouver

Where Eric Cressey will be Presenting in Vancouver

The Eric Cressey seminar on March 27 and 28 is coming together nicely. I have booked an exceptional venue. I’m excited about this place. It’s not one of those stuffy hotel meeting rooms with terrible carpeting and dim lighting. This facility was created for fitness and performance professionals.

Vancouver College’s High-Performance Centre is where the action is. The school’s High-Performance Fitness Centre consists of two floors. A cardiovascular training area on the first floor is located on the first floor with indoor rowers, stationary bicycles, treadmills, and a stair climber. Weight training for the sports teams occurs on the upper floor, which functions as a weight-training facility. The facility is considered one of the best gyms in the lower mainland.

This gym has everything you need for learning and practicing Olympic lifting. In addition to the wrestling room, you can work on the performance aspect upstairs in a sizeable Olympic lifting area. The best part is that we’ll have the whole place to ourselves all weekend long.

Eric Cressey and Us. Nice!

Where Eric Cressey will be Presenting on March 27 & 28 in Vancouver

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Details so far on the Eric Cressey Course:

Topic: We are working on it. Something on corrective exercise.

Outline: We are working on it. We will ensure an assessment and lots of hands-on remedial activities.

Date: March 27 & 28, 2009 – 8:45 am to 4:30 pm (14 contact hours)

Location: Vancouver College – 5400 Cartier Street (near 41st and Granville) – Vancouver, BC, Canada

Sign Up for the Fitness & Rehab Conference VIP List:

I was chatting with Eric about the great stuff we have for the VIPs.

The VIP list is for fitness & performance professionals:

  • Who wants to learn more assessment skills
  • Who are looking for corrective exercises to help with muscular imbalance and performance
  • Who wants to save money on the course
  • Who wants to get all kinds of great free stuff

It is FREE to be a VIP, and you get so much.

Have a look.

Benefits the of the Fitness & Rehab Conference VIP List:

  • VIP discount on the conference
  • Early access to conference registration
  • Entered into special prizes
  • Bonus gifts
  • Be the first to get the details of the conference
  • Get updates on the conference
  • So much more! (It is a secret.)


CLICK HERE for a video on the Fitness & Rehab Conference VIP list.

Scott Vass & Me

I want to express my gratitude to Scott Vass. Scott is the strength and conditioning coach at Vancouver College and Wrestling Canada. When he heard that Eric was coming to Vancouver, he realized that the Vancouver College High-Performance Centre would be ideal for the course. Thanks, Scott!

There is a lot of excitement about this course. A fitness professional from Newfoundland just contacted me about it.

This seminar will surely be the hottest ticket of 2010, and you won’t want to miss it. If you’re going to see a list of the terrific speakers I’ve worked with in the past, click Fitness & Rehab Conferences. Stay tuned to the blog for more information about March 27 and 28.

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