Your 5-Day Cleanse for Reduced Pain and Inflammation

Your 5 Day Cleanse for Reduced Pain and Inflammation

I am not a cleanse kind of person. I had done it once before with my wife. We got this herb to cleanse the pain and inflammation from the pharmacy. I don’t remember the name of it, and I think it had risen in it.

We had a huge list of foods we could not eat, and I had to take these horrible-tasting drops and pills. After I finished the 21 days, I did not feel much better and was thankful that I did not have to take those drops anymore.

I did a cleanse, got the t-shirt, and planned never to do one again.

Yuri Elkaim and Myself in Orange County a Few Years Back

Yuri and I had been chatting via email, and he encouraged me to give a cleanse a go. He shared with me why those over-the-counter cleanses are not that great. I was reluctant, but I said, “I will try it for five days, and if I do, will I see results?”

Yuri said, “Yes.”

I trust Yuri, so I gave it a go.

During the week of December 17 to 21, I gave it a go, and this is what I did:

1. Drink Lots of Water

It is wintertime here in Canada, and it is tough to drink water, but I know most of our body is water. Our joints need a lot of water for good function, especially the knees, which helps flush out the bad stuff. I know good hydration is key to a pain-free and inflammatory-free body.

I cranked up the water. I decided to drink three times what I usually drink during the day.

I focused on sipping water throughout the day compared to drinking a liter at a time to make it up. I find I absorb water better when I sip it.

2. Foods to Avoid

I had a small list of foods that I avoided:

  • Wheat – This is based on the advice from Dr. Peter Osborne, who you have seen on EFI before.
  • Milk – I interviewed the negative effects of milk which I will have upon EFI soon; it got me thinking.
  • Soy – I have a friend who is a naturopath and finds that this is often a hidden food that inflames people.
  • Processed Food – I worked on avoiding processed foods because, in many cases, they have things in them that I don’t know what they are and have wheat, milk, and soy.

3. Eliminate Sugar

It amazed me when I found out that Sugar was an inflammatory substance.

I did not know this, but I was going to try it for five days.

4. Fruits and Vegetable

I cranked up the fruits and vegetables. This is an obvious one.

5. Cut Out Alcohol

With wheat being cut, most beers and hard alcohol were out, so I extended it to include all alcohols. I took a break from my red wine.

What I did Not Do

Things that I did not do were avoid meats. I know I do much better with protein and meats in my diet. I did not eliminate coffee or eat fully organic fruits and vegetables. I know I can try to eliminate them in the future, but for now, I wanted to keep it simple and eliminate the things that were easy and would have the greatest effect on pain and inflammation.

Now Do Something

You have read this far; now do something.

You can do what I did above, create your own cleanse test, or follow the amazing cleanse program that Yuri has created.

I will be back tomorrow with the results I got and what I was looking for.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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Rick’s Results from the 5-Day Cleanse

I was not expecting much from cutting out a few things from my diet, but I was very happy with the results.

1. My Joints Felt Better

I have been an active person for years, and with the “Big 40” coming up, things are not working as they did in my 20s. Things are stiffer, ache more, or take a little longer to warm up.

I found by doing the five things above; my joints felt better. They were not stiff in the morning, they were not sore, I did not need a few minutes to warm them up, and I was not a bone-cracking symphony when I woke up.

This was nice.

2. Less Stiffness and Trigger Points in the Muscles

The day after I worked out, my muscles would be stiffer and tighter than on days I did not work out.

When I eliminated the few things above, I noticed that my muscles were less stiff and tight, I had fewer trigger points, and the trigger points I had were less intense.

3. Happier Stomach

In my abdominal area, I felt less bloating and heavy.

Do you know that feeling when you reach a big Thanksgiving meal or eat something your stomach does not like? That was gone.

Last Word From Rick

This little 5-day experiment has been an eye-opener for me.

Even while on holiday in Maui, I have tried to avoid the things that affect me. The big things for me have been avoiding pure sugary stuff (candy, sugary drinks, soda, juices), dairy (when you read labels, it is in almost everything), and wheat (these can be easily replaced with corn or rice products).

By making these little changes, I have felt better during my holidays.

Suggestions from Rick

I am more of a moderate.

I have two family friends that are on the end of health. One fears going out with friends or to a friend’s house because she fears they will feed her something that will not be organic; she does not leave the house and does not interact with many people.

All I can suggest is to look at your diet and see if there are things in your diet that could lead to aches, pain, and inflammation. This will affect your recovery from injury, chronic conditions, and exercise.

Start with the big ones I did above and see if you get similar results or what other results you get.

Look at the labels of the stuff you buy and see if there are things in them that could affect you.

You might be surprised by the results you get with a few small changes.

If you would like a lot more information and an amazing program on a natural way of cleansing your body to lose weight, detoxify yourself, and find out what your body is sensitive to, I would suggest checking out Total Wellness Cleanse.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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