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Exercises to Strengthen Your Knees If You Can’t Get On the Floor


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

I got a question in the Exercises for Injuries Secret Group which is a place where customers go that have purchased my products and they can ask me questions or they can ask the community questions when it relates to health, fitness, injuries or pain.

One question that came in from Simone was “I would like you to address a common concern of woman, what kind of exercise that can be done when can’t be on your knees and you can’t be on your hands because of extreme degenerative osteoarthritis?”

Exercises to Strengthen Your Knees If You Can’t Get On the Floor

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

There are two sets of exercises or more of like group of exercises that you can do.

1St Group – Utilize the Wall

You can utilize the wall to do different types of exercises.You can do various plank movements: out to the side, stepping on the spot, or your can increase the angle as well when it comes to the exercise. Make sure you are on a non-slip mat when doing things.

Various Plank Movements

Various Plank Movements

Let’s say when it comes to your wrist, if you can’t place your hands on the wall, you can go with your forearms or you can use your fists when it comes to the exercises.

Using the Forearms or the Fists

Utilize the wall if you are not able to kneel down or place pressure on your hands when getting on this hand position. Don’t devalue what you can with the wall.

Another thing I could do is I can grab a 1/2 foam roller and I can utilize that on my hands. I have my hands with it against the wall and then go through the various exercises if I can’t kneel down or I can’t place too much pressure on my hand or extend my wrist.

Use a Foam Roller

Use a Foam Roller

With my previous clients, what I have had success with is getting them into the pool and doing pool exercise. There is that buoyancy that lifts them up and they are able to add more intensity but decrease on impact.

2nd Group – Utilize Loop Tubing

I can step on the tubing and grip on the tubing or I can have the tubing placed on my hand. I can do various things.

Gripping the Tubing and Placing the tubing on the hands

Even if I can’t grip, I can lift it up and bring out the legs out to the side.

Bringing the legs out to the side

Bringing the legs out to the side

I can do pressing.



I can utilize the loop tubing to various things and to exercise as well if I am not able to kneel down or place pressure on the hands and on the wrists.

Those are some ideas if you are not able to kneel down or place pressure on your wrists due to degenerative osteoarthritis. But remember, you can always work around injuries. I know when you search on the internet looking for different types of exercise you could do, most of the time it’s like fully abled young people doing exercise but don’t end up translating to yourself and your injuries and your pain. But there’s always ways of working around it like utilizing the wall, utilizing different types of tools so you can do the exercise, and utilizing the loop tubing.

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Take care and bye bye.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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My question somewhat goes hand in hand with Simone’s. The degenerative condition caused by arthritis not only prevents going on the floor but ends up being painful at these joints. This greatly reduces the range of motion which inhibits a lot of leg exercises. What kind of exercises can you do for the hamstrings where that ROM is reduced to 30%?


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