#1 Exercise for Ugly Forward Head Posture

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I want to start off the week with the number one exercise for ugly forward head posture. Watch out for more videos and articles in the next few days as I head off to film more YouTube videos on Wednesday.

Enjoy the article and video below!


In this video, I wanted to go through the best exercise for ugly forward head posture.

Best Exercise for Ugly Forward Head Posture

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I got Alix to demonstrate.

If you have ugly forward head posture, your back is curved and your shoulders are rounded forward. This exercise will help you fix that ugly forward head posture. Sit nice and tall. Bring the head back in good alignment with the rest of your body.

How to do Chin Tucks

Chin Tucks

Make sure that you look straight ahead, and then bring the head backwards. Keep in mind that you should feel a light stretch in the back of your head and in the back of your neck. If you feel a  strong stretch, you might be overdoing the exercise. This will cause irritation and lead to neck pain and head pain. Start off with 5 repetitions and hold the end position for about 5 seconds. You can then progress to a 10-second hold with 10 repetitions.

This is really an effective exercise, but you need to focus on all of the little details in order to get the most benefit and address your ugly forward head posture properly.

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Rick Kaselj, MS