#1 Tip on How to Engage Your Core Properly

Today, I wanted to answer a question from Anna. She posted it up in the Exercises For Injuries Facebook Secret Group. The secret group is a place where members can ask questions and I will answer them in writing or through a video.

Should I Push or Pull My Abs During Core Training

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Here’s Anna’s question…

You mentioned that the core muscles should be used as if you are a fighter pushing outwards as opposed to sucking in. Can you please elaborate on this?

When cueing for the core, you are like bracing for a punch. When someone is going to punch you in the stomach, you are bracing or protecting yourself from that punch.

Bracing for a punch

Do not push out as a cue when it comes to activating the core. When it comes to the contraction, brace for a punch. Do not go hard. To start off, just go for 25% contraction. The intensity might increase depending on how challenging the exercise is.

There you go Anna, thank you very much for the question.

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