2 Great Stretches To Do At Work

Are you sitting right now?

Okay, then I got 2 great stretches that you can do at work that will help your posture.

They are from Dr Chad.

Enjoy and take it away Dr. Chad.

Rick Kaselj, MS


Hi, I am Chad. I’ve got something for you to do today while you are in a work space.

I really encourage you to move at work so you don’t get stuck in the forward flex bent spine positions that are causing all these pain that we are having.

2 Great Stretches To Do At Work

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We have an easy concept that we would like to follow in our Sitting Solution Program. Do something for 2 to 4 minutes every 30 to 45 minutes so you could prevent things like stagnation and adaptation. Today, we’ve got a really great one that you can do that doesn’t involve any equipment. It’s very simple. You can even do it even if you are in a cubicle or something like that where you don’t have much space.

What we are going to do here is 2 Rounds of:

  • 30 seconds Crucifix Stretch
  • 30 seconds Womb Squat

You have your clock in the background. You do these movements twice. These are two movements that address many of the issues that we face when we are in that sitting position. You guys can do this with me. I am going to explain how to do these movements as we go along.

Clock is starting. Let’s go for it.

#1 – Crucifix Stretch

Feet are going to be forward. We are going to start with arms on the side. Squeeze the butt and lock the legs straight. Retract the head and come back. Point those thumbs behind you and look forward. You don’t want to be looking up. Make sure you squeeze your glutes and your legs. You want to turn those things on all the way back. Extend the thoracic spine. Externally and internally rotate your shoulders, that forward head is coming back and those weak glutes are turning on nice and easy.

Crucifix Stretch

Crucifix Stretch

#2 – Womb Squat

Then we are going to ride on to the Womb Squat. Feet are a little bit wider than the hips and toes are pointed out, just hang out here. You can rotate side to side.

Womb Squat

Womb Squat

You can take the elbows and put them in the inside of the knees and really open up the hips. The hips get so tight from sitting. You can bounce side to side. This is great for ankle mobility. Make sure that your knees are over the middle of your foot. Think about screwing your feet on the ground with nice and upright posture.

Then you go right back into the crucifix stretch again. Now you are really going to feel things are starting to wake up. Same thing, squeeze the glutes, screw your feet on the ground, lock in the legs straight, and take the neck straight back. Squeeze and come back for the 30 whole seconds. This is great for your posture, opening up the front part of the chest and putting everything back to where it belongs.

I am going to show you another way of doing the Womb Squat as some people are having a hard time doing it without some support.You can put your hands on a chair or a desk. Same thing just hold on, get those knees out in front of the hips, chest up and you can put your hand on the chair and just breathe nice and easy.

Womb Squat with support

Womb Squat with support

This comes hard for people at first. Just keep doing it over time and you will see the benefits, you will see the changes. Just hang out here and bounce side to side and wait. You do this for 30 seconds. You got an idea what it tastes like and hopefully you got something out of it. That’s two minutes of work that you can do in the work space. I recommend doing something like that to address these big issues every 30 to 45 minutes so you don’t get into that cage position. Think about those things.

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Thank you.

Dr. Chad