Core Exercises For Unbreakable Strength

Core Exercises For Unbreakable Strength (1)

There are many core exercises for unbreakable strength that can help build up endurance and quick recovery time so you can trust your body again.

Well, it is Workout Wednesday.

So today, I have a core workout for you from Andrew Raposo.

Andrew Raposo and Rick Kaselj Las Vegas September 2014

Enjoy the workout!

Take it away, Andrew.

Rick Kaselj, MS

What’s up, guys? Andrew Raposo here from This video goes out to Rick and his readers at

Today, I am going to show you core exercises for Unbreakable Strength. Essentially, we will focus on the strength aspect of our core rather than doing hundreds of repetitions of ab exercises or crunches that you might currently be doing.

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I promise you that the exercises I will show you will deliver better results than doing hundreds of crunches or any traditional ab exercises. I am going to move right into our first exercise.

1. Hard Style Plank

This will teach you how to create tension in your core and throughout your whole body. We are going to start in a plank position on our forearms. From here, you want to create as much tension as possible. You will brace your abs hard like someone will punch you in the stomach. Squeeze your glutes nice and tight. Even squeeze your fists and contract your quads. Then, you will drive your elbows back to your toes as hard as possible and hold this for 10 seconds.

Hard Style Plank

Hard Style Plank

As I said, we create as much tension in the body as possible by squeezing those abs nicely and tight. Hold this position for 10 seconds, then rest for about 5 seconds. Repeat the movement at least three times for the best benefits.

2. Long Plank Walk Outs

You will start in a push-up or straight-arm plank position, bracing your abs nicely and tight. Walk forward with your hands until they are just above your head, then walk them back to the push-up position.

Long Plank Walk Outs

Long Plank Walk Outs

The goal is to brace your abs so hard that your hips don’t sway from side to side. We are building on the Hard Style Plank. You can make this exercise easier by not walking forward as far.

Again, we are focusing on the strength aspect of core training. With this exercise, I honestly wouldn’t do more than five reps. To make the exercise more challenging, walk your hands further out.

3. Ab Wheel Roll Out

Another variation that we can do is the Ab Wheel Roll Out. With this one, you are going to need an Ab Wheel. You can also use a barbell with plates on it to roll out.

Ab Wheel Roll Out

Ab Wheel Roll Out

The first one will be done from our knees. On a typical Ab wheel, you would flex your hips, but here we are going to let our hips come down and keep them straight. You are not going to move from this position. Keeping your abs tight, you will fall out with your wheel, then come back up but not come back in. This way, we concentrate on our core and take our hip flexors out of the equation.

If you can’t do a full kneeling Ab Wheel roll-outs, you can use the wall to shorten the range of motion.

Ab Wheel Roll Out on the Wall

Ab Wheel Roll Out From Knees

Once you start to progress, you can move to your feet. Again, you can use the wall to shorten the range of motion.

Ab Wheel Roll Out on the Wall with feet on the ground

Ab Wheel Roll Out From Feet

4. Box Plank

We will move into a tabletop position with your hands under your shoulders and your knees beneath your hips. Lift one hand off the ground, preventing your hips from moving as much as possible. Place your hand back on the ground and repeat the movement with your opposite hand. From here, we will lift our knees off the ground, bracing our abs nice and tight.

Box Plank

Box Plank

I recommend doing about ten reps on each side. You can repeat as needed. You can either do these exercises in a whole circuit and call that your Ab training routine, or you can periodically add them to your routine on separate days.

Those are the four core exercises for unbreakable strength. Please give them a go! I hope you are convinced to eliminate those crunches or whatever Ab exercises you currently do.

Andrew Raposo

Invincible Core