Quick Workout You Can Do At Work

Quick Workout You Can Do At Work

You can get plenty of exercise without disrupting anyone or making anyone feel uncomfortable. Here are some great tips for fitting in a quick workout routine at work.

Hey guys, this is Chad with the Sitting Solution.

I have another workout you can do while at home or in your workspace. (I had one for you yesterday. If you missed it, you can check it out here.)

This is a great routine for improving your general posture and strengthening your upper back. All you need is a simple resistant band.

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You are going to do 2 Rounds of:

  • 30 seconds of Wall Angels
  • 30 seconds of Star Drill

You are going to repeat these exercises for two rounds. Let me go ahead and show you what they are.

We are going to start the clock. You have 30 seconds.

Quick Workout 1. Wall Angels

Begin by standing with your back against the wall. Place your feet as close to the wall as you can. Make sure your core is engaged. Bend your arms, resting your forearms and the backs of your hands on the wall with your elbows slightly lower than shoulder height. Slide your arms overhead, then lower your arms to the starting position, keeping your arms against the wall throughout the entire movement. Repeat the movement.

Wall Angels

Wall Angels

The forward flexion position wrecks your posture, which sets you up for many injuries. This exercise is great for mobilizing many joints stuck in the forward flexion position from sitting so long. This exercise is often recommended for people with neck, mid-back, and sometimes even shoulder pain because it corrects many issues in one movement.

Quick Workout 2. Star Drill

Begin in an upright standing position, holding the resistant band in front of your body with both hands. Extend both arms at shoulder height in front of your body, then stretch the band out at your sides. Return to the starting position, then stretch the band out diagonally. Return to the starting position, then stretch the band out diagonally in the opposite direction. Then return to the starting position, then repeat the sequence of movements.

Star Drill

Star Drill

Again, keep your core nice and tight. Extend your arms all the way out to get the full range of motion. This exercise is great for strengthening all those weakened muscles from sitting and flexing.

Now, return to the Wall Angel. Try your best to keep your neck on the wall. Some people may have a hard time getting into this position. If it helps, you can move your feet forward so that your feet and seat are not directly against the wall. You should feel this pretty quickly. I am already feeling the muscles that need to be worked up and down.

Return to the Star Drill

I am going to return to that Star Drill one more time. We are mobilizing, and we are stabilizing. Make sure to keep the glutes nice and tight, and make your movements slow and controlled. Do this for 30 seconds. Hang in there!

Try that out. You will feel everything along your upper back and shoulders start to wake up. These are the kinds of exercises that we do in our Sitting Solution Program. We offer short 2-minute routines that address everything from the neck, shoulders, hips, and ankles to help you stand up straight in an always sitting world.

If you are looking for more solutions, check us out at SittingSolution.com.

Thank you.

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