27 Body Transformations Habits Review

27 Body Transformations Habits Review

27 Body Transformation Habits You Can’t Ignore.  This is the title of the book by Tyler Bramlett.  It’s a book about habits and the goal of body transformation.  Change your habits, change your life.  Body image and how to transform the body into better shape can be a constant thought on a person’s mind.  However, there are various reasons why the goals of body transformation may not be achieved and this is what Tyler Bramlett, a diet, exercise and lifestyle consultant, teaches in The 27 Most Powerful Body Transformation Habits.

Tyler has been part of over 500 real-world body transformations, and there are thousands of people who look to Tyler for advice through media that include articles, blogs, seminars, videos and emails.  There are some important points to note regarding The 27 Most Important Body Transformation Habits You Can’t Ignore.

#1 – Designing and Testing.

Expected questions asked when a person hears or reads about an  idea or sets of ideas that pertain to body image include:  How can this be proven?  Was any research or testing done to confirm the proposed solution? Is it safe to try?  The answers to such questions could determine whether the ideas do work and whether people could safely try it.  For the 27 body transformation habits described by Tyler Bramlett, there was design and testing done with the enrollment of 66 participants.  These participants helped the fortification of ideas that contributed to the body transformation habits.  The design and testing phase was described as being iterative, as the author sought to perfect the system surrounding the body transformation.  This diligence and method does add credibility to the resulting product!

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#2 – Real life stories.

Who is using this information? Does it work?  The use of real life stories helps to provide insight to these questions.  Sometimes, it’s hard to understand the concept that is presented or how the idea, or in this case the body transformation habits, could actually impact you.  So, real life stories can be a big plus, especially if discussing body transformation issues.  People DO want to see such transformations and read the stories that describe the journey to achieve such transformations.  Yes, there could be fake stories out there as well and this is always a concern for the genuine individual actually seeking a body transformation. However, the real life stories about these 27 transformation habits do provide insight about the potential of the information.  You can see these stories on the product’s information page

#3 – Quadruple guarantee.

The author of the book promises a 60-day quadruple guarantee, which includes these four guarantees: guaranteed results, best customer support, high quality with easy delivery and finally, a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  There is the guarantee and claim of the product being tested on thousands of people to make sure it works.  Hence, for those who want to be sure of proven results, this guarantee is quite appealing.  In terms of the guarantee of best customer support, if you have had issues in the past dealing with customer support for any type of help with a product, the attention to customer support may be quite the attraction.  Customer care support that is advertised includes personal answering of questions with the goal of ensuring that body transformation participants succeed 100% of the way.  The third guarantee relates to high quality and easy delivery.  The fourth guarantee is a “100% satisfaction guarantee” that the information contained in The 27 Habits System will “knock your socks off”.  You are guaranteed a full refund if after 60 days if you don’t like it.  Actually, you are promised such a refund promptly, and with no questions asked.  So, YES, this product becomes a risk-free opportunity, if an email is sent within the first 60 days.

#4 – If you purchase The 27 Body Transformation Habits book, you are promised 2 helpful bonuses. 

The first bonus is a package of special Habit Forming Checklists created by the author. These checklists are designed to enable the easy tracking of your progress with the 27 habits described in the book.  By using these checklists, you are given the opportunity to develop daily, weekly and monthly habits.  This could be a good resource or support for your success with the body transformation system. The second bonus is the availability of the body transformation information in 27 video and audio downloads.  Great!  So, if reading the material does not seem appealing to you, video and audio download alternatives make it easier to proceed with carrying out the 27 body transformation steps.  Simply watch and listen or just listen to the author describe each habit.

#5 – Emphasis on habits.

An interesting thing to also note regarding these 27 body transformation habits is the basis of habits.  We all have habits.  Some habits may be more noticeable than others.  Habits can be so powerful.  So, using habits as a way to potentially tap into what may have previously seemed to be elusive body transformation realities could be quite productive.  Habits continue until we stop them.  Hence, habits when appropriately used could be quite powerful.  This use of habits to reinforce the message and carry out the body transformation process does have promise. Change your habits, change your life!

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#6 – Not another diet and exercise book!

With so many diet and exercise books or products out there, it is good to note that The 27 Body Transformation Habits book is not a diet or exercise book.  Wonderful, right!  No diet-like language or discussion.  On the contrary, the message from Tyler is dedicated to helping you transform YOUR BODY through a set of new HABITS.  In other words, learn the habit, do the habit and watch the transformation begin and continue to take shape.  This can be quite different from depending on the typical diet or exercise routine.  The focus is on habits – YOUR HABITS – and that’s quite refreshing!

#7 – There are instructions to follow.

Don’t you just like a little help?  Nothing can be more frustrating in situations where there may be a better way to use or do something, but such help is not presented upfront.  Sometimes, a book or other resource will just go straight into the idea or message, when some advice or recommendations could be provided regarding how the information use could be optimal.  However, this 27 Body Transformation Habits book starts with instructions on how to use the book.  This can be helpful, especially for those who wonder the best way to proceed with the 27 habits that transform the body.

There is a lot to like about this book.  Some of the information could be things that you were somewhat aware of but the emphasis on the daily weekly and monthly habits could provide renewed insight.  Another interesting part of the book is the use of quotes to start chapters.  This can be a great form of inspiration and it also helps to set the tone for the chapter.  It’s a way to prepare the mind for the mental portion of taking on the new habit.  There is also emphasis, in the quotes, on habits.  What a nice way to bring the information full-circle by helping the reader tune into the core ideas behind habits!  The 27 habits system is indeed broken down into simple steps.  Hence, it is quite easy to comprehend and these steps are designed to ensure you do not get overwhelmed.  You also get the materials delivered to you digitally, which can be quite appealing in terms of speed.

Information can provide you with the power to change your life.  Such information could very well be in this book and right at your fingertips too.  Sometimes, we know a little about an idea, but having an opportunity to actually read or found out more about it can be so great.  Especially for those who have been trying to live a health-conscious life and transform their bodies, having this information available in the form of 27 habits can be worthwhile.  Learn more about The 27 Most Powerful Body Transformation Habits You Can’t Ignore.  A main appeal of this 27 Body Transformation system is the step by step approach presented. This could be the first step towards the body transformation you have desired for so long.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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