8 Strange Benefits of Water

8 Strange Benefits of Water

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The body needs water!  It is made up of approximately 60% water [1].  Yes, this is quite a significant amount.  So, if the body begins to lose some of this water, we get thirsty.  Thirst is a sign of dehydration and when this level of water loss is reached, it can have adverse effects on how the body performs.  Adults should be drinking at least 6 to 8 cups of strange benefits of water each day.  Some people could also experience pain when dehydrated.  If you’ve always had strange benefits of water readily available, you may not realize the precious resource right before you. While a human being could live for at least 30 days without food, 96 hours without water could result in loss of life. Very serious information right there!!! We SHOULD NOT underestimate the importance of water.

There are numerous strange benefits of drinking water and this is important knowledge to have.  So, let’s get started looking at these strange benefits of drinking water!

1. Water keeps us alive!

We need water to live.  It’s really quite simple.  Without water for a certain period of time, a person would die.  Yes, water is serious business.  You should drink sufficient amounts of water every day.  So, what is sufficient?  At least half of a person’s body weight in ounces should be consumed daily or at least 6 to 8 cups daily for adults.  While a person could survive without food for quite a while, it is a different case with regards to water.  Without water, dehydration begins to occur and this can lead to a whole lot of problems affecting the brain and the organs.  Continued dehydration could lead to death as organs shut down.  So, yes, water can become a matter of life and death.

thirsty man - Strange Benefits of Water

2. Great for the skin.

With a major portion of the body comprising of water, the skin benefits from an adequate supply of water.  So, imagine what happens when we become dehydrated and skin begins to lose it suppleness and elasticity.  Well, it doesn’t look as good!  In some cases, skin could also begin to feel painful.  To prevent the skin from looking shriveled and dry, we need to provide some hydration.  While skin moisturizers and lotions can help, water is also a powerful contributor to great-looking skin.  Water helps to keep wrinkles away and enhances elasticity. Actually, there are situations where a tug at the skin to determine skin elasticity levels is used to diagnose dehydration. In some cases, dehydrated skin could become painful to touch, as the body continues to respond to the absence of sufficient water in the body.

3. Get rid of waste and determine what’s in the body!

An interesting thought, right?!  Drink water to get rid of waste products in the body.  Also, water moving through the body can help determine what substances are flowing through the body. This can be quite handy for health or other related tests. Considering the amount of water flowing through the human body, it can be quite easy to see how water also helps eliminate waste or tracks the presence of substances.  An easy example is urine.  When you drink a lot of water, it may make you urinate more often.

Water helps the liver and kidneys flush out this waste.  Unwanted elements such as toxins in the body may be excreted through urine and the process of urination can be a good way to capture substances that pass through the body [2]. This is a natural method of elimination that is made easier when the body enables water-soluble forms of these toxins or substances.  The brain works through the posterior pituitary gland to regulate the amount of water that is removed from the body in the form of urine.  Hence, if we do not drink enough water, we may notice less urination occurring, which can mean less waste is being removed from the body.

4. Get rid of joint pain and muscle soreness.

People who are dehydrated could also exacerbate conditions of pain and soreness.  In a randomized group study with the objective of identifying the effect of dehydration related to delayed onset muscle soreness, results showed that getting relief from the dehydrated condition did not increase soreness [3]. Water could also aid the avoidance of pain related to the organs.  For instance, the kidneys need water to function properly.  When water is withheld from the body, there is an increased chance of developing kidney stones or being unable to get rid of these stones.  For smaller kidney stones, these may be able to be flushed out of the body through urine [4].  If dehydration occurs and kidney stones begin to form, this can also result in discomfort, soreness and pain.

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5. Enhance calmness.

We all know it – some days can seem quite different than others.  Sometimes, it seems that we are just a bit cranky or really, really outside the zone of calmness. Do you know that dehydration could be the source of such crankiness?  Really!  The body can begin to lose its normal functioning routines when it gets dehydrated.  With a composition of 60% water, we can be sure the absence or reduced content of this resource would result in a less calm effect.  Indeed, what would we expect if this major component of the body is lost through sweat, urination, illness, or other forms of water loss?  Without replacing the water in the body, usual states of body function including mental capacity and calmness would suffer.

6. Circulation of nutrients and maintaining body functions.

All the nutrients we eat need to get to different parts of the body where nourishment is required and provided.  How does this happen?  Fluids like water in the body have the responsibility of the circulation of nutrients and impacting body fluids.  Water has been described as a vital nutrient that cannot be stored and needs fresh daily supplies to keep the bloodstream flowing as well as carry nutrients and oxygen to cells [5].  Apart from aiding with nutrient circulation, water also helps to balance other fluids in the body.  Feeding the body then becomes possible with water.  Also, water helps maintain body functions such as proper bowel movements and promoting the digestive system. Dehydration could bring about discomfort from conditions like constipation, which can be somewhat painful or more painful in extreme conditions.

Water For Weight Loss - Strange Benefits of Water

7. Weight loss.

Yes, water can contribute to weight loss because it helps get your body in balance.  What does this mean?  Well, the body reacts to distress and a lack of water in the body would definitely count as distress.  This distress can also be linked to weight gain.  Hence, eliminates distress caused by dehydration, or worse, extended dehydration.  Drinking enough water can help prompt the body’s metabolism into action and get the body in proper shape for healthy weight loss.  In addition, another simple fact to remember is that when you drink water, you are not consuming the non-value-added calories that come from beverages and sodas.  So, drink water for weight loss!  Your joints will also thank you as you exercise.  Imagine exercising while thirsty!  Exercise can make you sweat (water loss) and you want to be well-hydrated to have even the slightest chance of losing weight.

8. Headaches and other health conditions!

That pain in your head could also be as a result of not drinking enough water.  Sometimes, illnesses such as diarrhea can make a person lose significant amounts of water.  In addition, not drinking sufficient amounts of water could also result in other forms of discomfort with signs and symptoms that could include grayish skin, lack of tears, sunken soft spot, a dry tongue, fatigue, a dry mouth and decreased urination [6]. These health conditions could also be painful.  Indeed, dehydration is not a healthy condition to be in.  Drink enough water and help your body eliminate headaches and many other ailments.  If certain drinks such as alcohol or other diuretics are consumed. Fluids like water help to reduce the adverse effects of such conditions.

It is incredibly difficult to deny the immense strange benefits of drinking water.  We need water to live and survive.  We need water to get rid of certain pains that are associated with dehydration and related ailments. There are many benefits of drinking water.  So, drink enough water!  We CAN all make a conscious effort to embark on a mission to make or continue to make the consumption of water a vital part of our daily lives.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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