Simple Back Pain Massage Exercise to Do at Home

Simple Back Pain Massage Exercise to do At Home

Most people don’t think of back pain as a major health concern until it becomes severe. This is unfortunate because the severity of your back pain may be a sign that something in your life has become too stressful, leading to undue strain on your muscles and ligaments.

Back pain can be excruciating and debilitating, making it difficult to do even the smallest tasks. If you’re worried about experiencing back pain in the future, don’t be! This massage is a simple, easy-to-do exercise that will help alleviate back pain. 

This exercise will help strengthen your spinal muscles and relieve tension from the joints. It promotes healthy circulation, which decreases inflammation on the soft tissues of your back. You’ll also increase your range of motion, improve posture and reduce stress levels with this one simple massage.

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I use a dog ball that I bought at a dollar store. It is super-size but it is super firm and works great for back pain self-massage. If you don’t have one of these, any kind of ball works fine (golf ball, tennis ball, lacrosse ball, rocket ball, or baseball).

Back Self Massage

Take the ball and massage the midi part of your back (not the spine). The midi part of your lower back tends to get tight, so you experience back pain as the muscles tighten up more and more. Self-massage will help relax those muscles and decrease your back pain.

When people start a massage treatment on their own at home, many find that there are certain techniques that make self-massage easier than working with a therapist or professional masseuse. Self-massage aids in maintaining good posture as well as releasing any tension built up throughout the day so that you can sleep better every night without experiencing any more aches during waking hours.

Pressed Against the Wall

In order to intensify the massage, utilize a wall. Push your body weight into the ball that is pressed up against the wall. This allows you to have a deeper massage and loosen up those low back muscles a lot more. Work on the midi part of the lower back on the muscles, not the spine.

Start off with 5 rotations one way and then 5 rotations the other way. You can also move up and down. If you have gone through the 5 repetitions and you feel good, you can progress to 10 repetitions. Do not overdo this back pain massage exercise or you’ll irritate the tissue and make the back pain worse.


Chronic back pain can be one of the most challenging conditions to live with. By applying some simple massage techniques, you can relieve pain and help your back. You can do it in the comfort of your own room. It will also create a calming effect on your mind for some much-needed relaxation. Rather than seeking out professional help, a quick and easy home massage can do wonders for your back in the morning or after work.

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