3 Core Exercises To Target Your Midsection

Hey, I hope you are having great Saturday. 

The family and I are going to hang out at home this weekend as we recover from our yearly family holiday. 

Today, I will share a video on core training that my good friend, Frank Daniels, sent me. I will be seeing Frank at a Conference in San Diego next week.

Enjoy the exercises! 


Today, I’m going to show you a phenomenal core exercise that does multiple things at once; specifically work your midsection and improve your joint health. This exercise is called the 90-90 Inline Chop.

90-90 Inline Chop

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

First, let me demonstrate the 90-90 Position. You place one knee on the floor. Form a 90 degree angle with the back leg so your knee is located directly under your hip. Make another 90 degrees angle from the front leg. The ankle is located directly under the knee. Squeeze your glutes, stay tall, push the top of your head towards the ceiling, and breathe into your belly.

90 90 Position
90-90 Position

When you do this, you will feel a phenomenal stretch in front of your hip. It helps balancing your pelvis and works your core at the same time. We can do multiple exercises from the 90-90 position, which is why it is so valuable.

Today, I’m going to bring this move in line and show a chop or a lift (depending on what angle you are coming from), but basically it is with diagonal movements. Perform 2-3 sets of the following exercises with 8-12 repetitions on each side.

#1 – 90-90 Inline Position

90 90 Inline Position
90-90 Inline Position

Start off with the 90-90 Position, keeping a normal stance like train tracks. Your front leg is on the line with the left side train track, and your right leg is on the line with the right track. You can feel some action coming from your hip, knee, and ankle on both sides.

Now, let’s close that space down by putting your front foot in line with your back knee, as if you just stepped out onto a tightrope. This enables your core to work tremendously hard to be able to keep you centered. Make sure to keep your core tight in order to avoid falling to your sides.

With the first level of this exercise, work on your diagrammatic breathing and stay nice and tall. Hold this position with your core. It may be quite challenging, but don’t be afraid. Just master the level 1 position.

#2 – 90-90 Inline Chop

90 90 Inline Chop

90-90 Inline Chop

Ball up your fists. Reach for the bottom of your hip and come across your body diagonally. Reach for the corner of the ceiling and come back down towards the bottom hip, and then repeat the movements. You breathe in as you come down, and breathe out as you come towards the ceiling.

When working on these, keep the movements on top of the stable midsection. Keep your stomach tight as you move your shoulders, ensuring everything below stays stuck in place. You are just moving on top of that stable base.

#3 – Medicine Ball Chop

Medicine Ball ChopMedicine Ball Chop

Grab a medicine ball. Reach for the bottom of your hip, keeping a tight midsection. Breathe in as you move the ball diagonally across your body. Exhale as the ball is extended towards the ceiling.

If you would like to add another level of difficulty to this exercise, you can set up a cable crossover machine laterally right next to you. Grab a low hand cable attachment and work across your body in the same diagonal fashion as the previous exercises. Feel free to adjust the weight until it’s appropriate.

Here are the 4 levels that you can do:

  • First levelJust hold the 90-90 Inline position
  • Second level90-90 Inline Chop (bodyweight) using hands
  • Third level90-90 Inline Chop using a medicine ball
  • Fourth Level90-90 Inline Chop using a cable machine or a cable handle and work across your body diagonally

There you have the amazing routines you can do with the 90-90 Inline Chop. Remember to keep a stable base by tightening your midsection; stay nice and tall as you move your shoulders diagonally from side to side.

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