3 KILLER “Cross Training” Workouts

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3 KILLER “Cross Training” Workouts

Hey what’s up.

I am not sharing one but three different workouts that you can use utilizing my progressive movement technology, alright! Each one of these is a cross training workout and you are going to follow along to either the beginner, intermediate or advanced variation to get a good idea of what progressive movement technology is and basically what this means is from the beginner to intermediate and intermediate to advanced workouts.

The workout is going to become more difficult in terms of movement complexity and overall duration at the same time. This way you can constantly progress even though you are doing some of the same exercises and you can get the best results possible over time. So check them out, follow along through one of those workouts and let us know what you think.

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Alright you guys! For the beginner variation of this workout, you are going to set the timer for ten minutes. You are going to let that timer go for ten minutes and during that ten minutes you are going to see how many rounds you can do of the following three exercises. So you are going to take a pair of rings or a bar bell and put it at about waist level so you can do body weight rows.

Beginner Variation –

You are going to do 5 reps of the bodyweight row.

#1 – Bodyweight Row

So 5 reps of the body weight row, two, three, four and five.


Bodyweight Row

Then you are going to do 5 reps of the Touch Jump.

#2 – Touch Jump

This is a Burpee where you have to touch the ground with your hands and come back up and jump.


Touch Jump

And then finally take your dumb bell or your kettle bell and just do 5 swings.

#3 – Dumb/Kettlebell Swings


Dumb/Kettlebell Swing

Just five simple reps of each exercise.

Now the goal is, for the entire ten minutes on this beginner workout, to see how many times you can go through a list of 5 rows, 5 touch jumps and 5 swings and record how many times you get it done. Once you see a significant improvement from where you started to where you are now, then you can go on to the intermediate variation of this exercise.

For the intermediate variation, you are going to be utilizing this progressive movement technology and make each one of the three exercises from the beginner workout slightly more difficult. We are going to start first by lifting your rings up or a pull up bar and do a Jumping Pull Up to slow negative and that’s about 3 seconds negative.

Intermediate Variation –

#4 – Jumping Pull Up

Grab on to those rings, get a jump up.


Jumping Pull Up

Now we are going to take the Burpee to the next level.

#5 – Burpee Variation

You are going to place your hands on the ground. Jump back to a tight plank , gluts tight, core tight, everything tight, jump back up, jump.


Burpee Variation

I don’t want anybody’s back sagging down, like this:


Back Sagging

#6 – One Arm Swing – Right/Left Sides

We are moving on to One Arm Swing. Same exercise, last level grab your dumb bell or kettle bell. Flying back up! Remember, it’s all about the hips. Bring it down safely.


One Arm Swing Right Side 


One Arm Swing Left Side

With this intermediate variation you are going to do the same three exercises, five jumping pull ups in negatives, five Burpees without the push up, five one arm swings right, five one arm swings left, as many times around as you can this time for a twelve minute time limit. Once you see a significant improvement from the first time you do this work out to say two or three months down the road, you are getting way more rounds and reps then you can move on to this final, advanced variation.

For this last and final variation, the advanced version. We are going to do 5 full Pull ups, 5 full chest to ground Burpees and 5 full arm snatches right and then left and you are going to repeat that for fifteen minutes for as many rounds as you possibly can.

Advanced Variation –

#7 – Full Pull Up

Grab on to the Pull Up bar or a pair of rings and we are going to start with five pull ups. If you guys can’t quite do straight pull-ups, it’s okay to use a little bit of a knee kick.


Full Pull Up

Five chest to ground Burpees!

#8 – Chest to Ground Burpees

Everything comes all the way down to the ground and you press up with your core tight, bring your legs up and jump.


Chest to Ground Burpee

And finally grab that dumb bell or that kettle bell and do five full snatches.

#9 – Full Snatch – Right/Left Side

Arms all the way overhead and focusing on hips, then switch sides! And, Five more reps.


Full Snatch – Right Side


Full Snatch – Left Side

Now, repeat that workout! Five pull-ups, five Chest to ground Burpees, five snatches right, five snatches left for as many rounds as you can in fifteen minutes and that is the advanced variation of this workout. As you can see each of the three levels gets progressively more difficult than the last. You have the beginner level which is fairly easy. You have the intermediate level which becomes harder and increases in length and the advanced level using advanced exercises and again increasing in length.

The reason why this is so important is if you are a beginner doing an advanced workout, you’re not going to get the results you want, you can potentially get injured and ultimately you are going to burn yourself out faster. If you are an advanced person who is stuck on a beginner or intermediate workout, you’re not going to get the best results possible from your workouts because you’re simply not pushing yourself the hardest and that is exactly why we created the CT-50 system which highlights five different levels of progress starting at beginner basic exercises going all the way to some of the most advanced hard core workouts you have ever seen.

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Tyler Bramlett