3 Movements to Relieve Arthritic Knee Pain

Hey – this is Rick Kaselj from ExercisesForInjuries.com.

In this video I am going to go through 3 great exercises to do if you have arthritic knees. I will have Orsy demonstrate them.

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1# – Leg Back

Now the first one is the leg back.

Start by wrapping a mini band just above your knee joints. If you have arthritic knees, you don’t want it directly on the knee joints.

Leg Back Leg Back

Begin in an upright standing position. Transfer your weight onto one leg and hold onto something sturdy for balance.

Extend your leg back to a point before your lower back starts to arch, then slowly bring your leg back to the starting position. We are targeting the glute and the hamstring of the leg that is moving. We are also working on strengthening the opposite hip of the stationary leg.

The second exercise is the Leg to the Side.

2# – Leg to the Side

Once again, start in an upright standing position with the mini band wrapped around your legs, just above your knees. Place your hand on a sturdy surface for balance. Transfer all of your weight onto one foot, then extend your opposite leg out to the side, keeping your toes pointing forward. There should be no change in the curve in your back and your pelvis should not be tilting. Usually this means extending to a 30 – 45 degree angle.

This exercise is targeting the outer hip area (gluteus medius). Your stationary leg will be working your hip muscles.

Leg to the Side Leg to the Side

The third exercise is a Knee Wink.

#3 – Knee Wink

The Knee Wink is working on those muscles in your hips that help rotate your thighs and gluteus maximus. It is a small movement but you will definitely feel it in your glutes.

Begin in an upright standing position with your feet approximately shoulder-width apart. Wrap the mini band around your legs, just above your knees. Rotate your thighs outward, hold for a second, then rotate back to the starting position.

Knee Wink Knee Wink

There you go! Start off with 5 repetitions of each exercise.

Make sure you use a slow and controlled movement and progress from there.

You can just do the circuit once or if that is too easy, you can go through the circuit two or three more times.

During these exercises, we focused on the hips which is super important for someone with an arthritic knee. Increasing hip strength decreases the stress on the knees, allowing you to better recover from pain and injury.

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