Your Low Back Friend Ab Workout

Your Low Back Friend Ab Workout

Hello guys! This is Andrew Raposo.

Rick is taking the day off with his family. He is camping somewhere, so I am going to show you and everyone at how to get better abs while keeping your low back injury-free.

As a matter of fact, these exercises will also help treat your back pain. If you need a specific workout to help you with your back, then check out Rick’s Fix My Back Pain.

Let’s get to the workout.

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You can incorporate these exercises into your workout, or add them to the end of the workout. All you need is some space and a wall.

You are going to do 3 sets of these exercises.

The first exercise is a modified Dead Bug.

#1 – Modified Dead Bug

This is how you do this one.

Lie on your back with your hands pressed on the wall over your head. Bend your knees and raise your legs to create 90-degree angles with your hips and knees. Drive your low back into the ground, keeping your abdominals nice and tight. While pressing against the wall, extend one leg forward until your heel touches the ground. Pull your knee back to the starting position and repeat the movement on the opposite side. Repeat the movement, continuing to alternate sides.

Modified_Dead_BugModified Dead Bug

When doing this exercise, make sure there is no room under your lower back or you might feel a little back ache. This increases the core strength that helps protect your low back.

If you feel strain or pain in your lower back, make sure you are doing the exercise correctly. If you still have strain or pain, then discontinue the exercise.

If you can not flatten out your back, put a towel under your back to fill the space under your lower back or maintain the space you have throughout the exercise.

#2 – Hard Style Plank

With this exercise, you are simply going to hold the plank position for ten seconds.

Begin in a 4-point position with your hands beneath your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Step back with both feet and lower to your forearms to move into a forearm plank position. Maintain good alignment with your head, shoulders, hips, and feet. Make sure your core is engaged, squeezing your abs, glutes, and quads as tight as you can. Hold this position for ten seconds, rest for five seconds, then repeat for three sets.

Hard Style PlankHard Style Plank

With this exercise, essentially create as much tension as you can throughout your body. You should really feel a big burn in your abs.

#3 – Box Plank

Move into a 4-point position with your hands beneath your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Lift your knees off the floor. Squeeze your stomach really tight and lift one hand off the floor. Place your hand back on the floor, then raise your opposite hand, making sure you are not shifting your hips from side to side. Continue to alternate hand raises. You will feel a big burn in your abs with these exercises. They are a lot better than your typical sit-ups and and help the lower back.

Box PlankBox Plank

Alright, guys, that is your ab workout for today. Repeat that for three sets. Enjoy the exercises, and remember you will feel a nice burn in your abs. This is better than any sit-up or crunch that you will ever do. Alright! I will see you guys later. Enjoy the workout!

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