3 Quick Tips for Knee Pain Relief

3 Quick Tips for Knee Pain Relief

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Today, I wanted to share a tip relating to knee pain. I know you might be heading to work and will probably be doing a lot of sitting. Sitting a lot may lead to knee pain or knee irritation. I wanted to give you 3 tips that you can do to help relieve knee pain. These tips will specifically help those people who sit a lot and those who suffer from knee irritation.

So, enjoy the video below and check out the tips!

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In this video, I wanted to go through three quick tips for knee pain relief.

The knee joint is a hinge type synovial joint. The knee mainly flexes and extends (when you bend and straighten your knee). The knee is formed by articulations between three bones: the patella, femur and tibia.

3 Quick Tips for Knee Pain Relief

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#1 –¬†Remove unnecessary stress

If you don’t need to stand, move to a sitting position. Sitting down offloads the knee stress, decreases the pressure on the knee, and allows the knee to recover and heal. If you find your knees are uncomfortable when you are sitting, increasing the joint angle of the knees can help. This means straightening your legs out more. You can do this by placing your feet further out in front of you or sitting on a higher chair if possible.

#2 – Keep the knees straight

The more you bend your knees (in your exercises, or when you are sitting in front of a computer), the more stress you put on your knee joints. This increases the likelihood that your recovery will slow down, leading to more pain and injury. Whenever you can, straighten your legs out. This puts the least amount of stress on your knees and allows your knees to recover and heal. When your legs are outstretched, make sure not to hyper-extend the knee joints. This means always maintain a slight bend in the knees (what we sometimes call a micro-bend) to avoid added stress on the knee joints.

#3 – Work on full range of motion of the knee

Many times when we are having knee pain, we do not want to work the knee. While you do not want to move the knee too much, you need to try and get the full range of motion back in the knee. To do this, bring your knee up, pull it towards you, and try to work on that range of motion in the knee. You can move forward in the chair and then bring that knee up and back down. When you move our joints, you increase the synovial fluid in the joint, which keeps your joints lubricated and decreases stiffness and pain. Working on mobility in the knee joint will also increase the delivery of oxygen and other nutrients to the knee joint.

3 Quick Tips for Knee Pain

Give those three tips a go in order to quickly relieve your knee pain.

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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