Must Do Foam Roller Exercise

Must Do Foam Roller Exercise

Today, I have a great foam rolling exercise for you.

Since it is winter time here in Canada, we’ve started wearing heavy clothes and boots. Wearing this heavy stuff puts a lot of stress on the lower body, which mainly affects the hips and knees. This unnecessary stress leads to muscle tightening. These tight muscles pull on the joints, which results in joint pain.

So, I wanted to show you a simple exercise that you can do to help loosen up your lower body.

In this video, I wanted to go through this must do foam roller exercise.

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I got Andrea to demonstrate the exercise.

This exercise targets the IT band or iliotibial band. The IT band is a band of fascia, or connective tissue, that runs along the outside of your thigh from the pelvis (hip) to the tibia (shin). The IT band crosses both the hip and knee joints, meaning issues with the IT band can affect both the hip and knee. The iliotibial band is important for stabilizing the knee when the knee joint flexes and extends.

IT band syndrome is a common condition and is an overuse injury of the connective tissue. Inflammation and irritation can occur on the IT band where is crosses the knee. This causes knee pain and pain when walking, running or any movement that moves the knee. The most common sign of IT band syndrome is pain on the outside part of the knee, especially when running when the heel strikes the ground. If you have IT band syndrome, follow the RICE method and consult your doctor or physiotherapist. Rest, ice, compression and elevation, as well as potential anti-inflammatory medications. To prevent IT band syndrome, work on maintaining flexibility and strength in your lower back, hips, knees and legs.

Must Do Foam Roller Exercise

Lie on the floor with a foam roller.

Place the foam roller on the outside of your leg just below your hip joint. Roll from just below your hip joint to just above the knee and then roll back up. To make this exercise more intense, stack your legs on top of each other, placing as much of your body weight as you can on the roller. If this feels like too much for you, roll one side while you support your weight with your other leg out in front (as pictured). The great thing about using the foam roller is that you can change the intensity depending on how you are feeling or how familiar you are with rolling. Always start with a lighter intensity and see how your feel the next day before progressing the intensity.

This is a great exercise to relieve hip pain. Often, the outer muscle gets tight and the tension builds up, causing hip pain.

Perform 5 repetitions, then progress to 10 repetitions up and down in a nice controlled manner. Try this foam rolling exercise on one side, get up and walk around, and then go through some squatting movements before repeating on the other side.

Try out this exercise for a few days and see if it helps you.

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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