3 Ways to Bust Any Plateau

3 Ways To Bust Any Plateau

Plateaus are a frustrating place to get stuck when you have specific goals that you’re working toward, whether it be the last few pounds or waking up with endless energy. When we have a goal in sight, and we make progress, it’s hard to understand what to do next when you feel like your effort’s not moving fast enough. It’s easy to quit when you feel like you’ve tried everything and maybe you’re stuck. However, with a few simple shifts, you can speed up your progress and know how to trick your body into staying on track. It’s all about your metabolism.

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#1 – Eat an Adequate Amount of Protein

You might be cutting out certain food and eating fewer calories. While this might work in the beginning, if you follow this too strictly for too long, it can backfire and cause your hormones to work against you. The last thing you want to do is to have your body start storing fat. Protein is the proven mainstay of all nutrition programs that work. Protein is necessary to grow, repair and recover from daily living and exercise or any physical demand that you place your body under. Protein keeps you fuller longer and prevents sarcopenia, the medical term for age-related muscle loss. Protein also prevents your muscles from wasting away, which means you will have a slower metabolic rate, the last thing you want when you’re in a plateau. Eat approximately 1 gram of protein for each lean pound of body weight, and this is a great rule to follow and to keep you on track. You wouldn’t need to count calories but keep track of your protein so that you know that you’re getting enough to keep that metabolism raised and to help you get toward your goals faster.

#2 – Add in Strength Training

Too much exercise or cardio can have an adverse reaction to your hormone balance and adrenal function. We can cause our body to go into preservation mode if we exercise too much or too hard. This can slow down our progress, which is another thing that we want to prevent. Use a short burst of exercise if you’re used to a longer session. Perform exercises that use your biggest muscles and specific movement patterns that will keep you stronger, balanced, and firm as you age. Muscle strength is important but so is the balance. Bigger muscles also mean a faster metabolic rate. Large muscles also take up less room but keep your metabolic furnace running even when you’re done working out. A firmer body looks and function better as we age.

#3 – Use Nutrient Timing When Choosing Starchy Carbohydrates

Although carbohydrates have a bad reputation right now, if you completely cut them out and don’t consume more fats in place of those, your energy levels and goals will surely take lag. Carbs have such a bad reputation but, instead, of adding in more fats and food, adding necessary fiber from healthy carbs is a key. Starchy carbs are a fantastic kick-start to get to your goals faster, but you can’t just add them whenever you want and expect to reap the same kind of benefits as you would without them. Your go-to starchy carbs may be gluten-free, steel-cut oats and sweet potatoes, but you have to be careful. Eating starchy carbs earlier in the day is more beneficial or right after your workout. That is the key to utilizing their power so that your hormones work for you, you stay full and energized, and you don’t store fat. Cutting out the starch in the last meal of the day is a great way to not to let those excess calories work in bad ways. That post-workout meal is the best way to kick-start you on the path to get in right back to your goals.

When you make these simple steps in your lifestyle, you will find out that you feel more energized, became leaner and fitter than when you are on your early 30s. This is how you can get to the path of a healing and energizing body without extreme exercise or starvation diets.

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