Best Sources of Protein For Your Diet

Best source of protein for your diet

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Today, I have part 2 of the interview that I published yesterday. If you missed yesterday’s interview, you can check it out here. The highlight of that interview are the 5 Rules To Buying Meat.

In today’s video, we build on the meat topic and talked about the best sources of protein for your diet.

Enjoy the interview below! 

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In this day and age when we can no longer get all the nutrients our body needs from food, supplements play an important role in keeping us fit and healthy.

Learn about the best supplements as well as great sources of protein for men’s diet in this second part of my interview with Chad Howse.

Best Sources of Protein For Your Diet

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In the interview above, you will discover:

  • Top two supplements for men
  • The different sources of proteins that are important in men’s diets
  • How to increase testosterone levels

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Rick Kaselj, MS

If you are unable to watch the video interview, check out the transcript below.

Great rules. I thought it was interesting. It has come up in the interview that we’ve done so far and then also in your book, The Man’s Diet, where you talked about supplements. So, just like you shared the example with yourself where sometimes you don’t get all the fruits and vegetables you want so you supplement it with athletic greens. Well, the number one choice is high quality beef, fruits and vegetables, but sometimes we don’t get everything we need. What would be the number one supplement that you would recommend for men?

Chad: T
There’s two. Number one might be Vitamin D. So, they’ve done a lot of studies lately and we supplement with Vitamin D but the recommendation is between 500 to 1,000 IUs a day, but what they’re seeing is you might need 8,000 to 10,000 IUs daily or 6,000 to 8,000 depending on where you live and how much sun you get. And the sun’s the best way to get Vitamin D but a liquid supplement you put under your tongue is the second best way to absorb it, or that’s what they think. Vitamin D, not only helps with mental health but it’s been shown to increase the free testosterone in your body. So all testosterone’s bound to a protein. A lot of researchers think that the only form of testosterone that really matters is the free testosterone. So it’s not bound to a protein, it’s able to flow throughout the body, repair tissue, do what testosterone does. So, Vitamin D helps free testosterone, which is a very important thing. The other thing I would say is maybe athletic greens because it’s got a lot of those nutrients in them. It’s got probiotics, which is good for your health, good for your gut health, but it’s also got zinc. And zinc blocks aromatase. Aromatase is the precursor to estrogen. So you do not want high estrogen levels if you’re a man. That’s not a good thing. So that means your testosterone levels are going to go down. And we get estrogen from all sorts of things. Like you see I’m drinking from a glass container and a lot of people drink from plastic containers and they contain chemical estrogens. And so you’re drinking out of a plastic container and you’re absorbing these chemical estrogens that combat your testosterone levels that are not good. We do not want high estrogen levels. We got them naturally. You don’t need to increase your estrogen levels. So those two things. Maybe vitamin D but that athletic greens thing is pretty good too.

protein sources

Awesome. So before we wrap up, one more question I wanted to ask you was, when a guy asks you, “I need to add more protein to my diet. What are your suggestions on different types of proteins that a guy can end up adding to his diet? “

Yes. I think protein is important like look at those studies and high protein diets equate to lower body fat. Body fat is estrogenic so you want lower body fat as a man, obviously for a number of reasons. Protein sources, definitely look for a different variety of animals but the key word is variety. Like if you’re eating the same foods every day, you’re going to mess with your body’s ability to absorb that food and the nutrients from it. So you go to your grocery store if you’ve got a good one or find an awesome butcher and get as many different varieties of meat as you possibly can, but then things like eggs, eggs are wonderful. I’m big on fat, the yoke of the egg is very important but I add egg whites to my food just to get a bit more protein in there otherwise I’m not getting the 1:1.2 grams per body weight that I like to have. So I have egg whites. I do use a good quality high-protein powder. I think protein powder is good, but you got to watch who you get it from because a lot of these companies are not the greatest. Rick, I’m sure you’ve got a protein power that you like to use. Take information from guys like Rick who maybe know the owner of the protein company. Fish is also great, a lot of variety of different kinds of fish. Animals, meats, they’re great, eggs, protein powder, dairy, yogurt, cottage cheese. I do think you should have protein with every meal and just try to vary it as much as possible, but sometimes with guys it’s tough. I don’t like preparing meals all the time so I do have a shake here and there. Sometimes protein powder.

Well, we talked about beef and you can’t just eat beef as your number one source of protein. There are other things, a variety ends up being good, different proteins sources end up being good.

Lean pork is good. There’s lots of different things, obviously chicken.

chicken and quinoa

Yes. The thought in the workout world is that you have chicken breast with no skin on them. It’s a little boring after a while.

Yes. I keep the skin on them. The fat is good for you. Come on.

We’re kind of at the end of the interview. Is there anything that you want to leave people with? Is there a question I didn’t ask you or ask you about or something that you wanted to expand on for our viewers and listeners?

Yes. I guess we touched on testosterone a bit. What really peaked my interest was a study done in Massachusetts, it was the late 90s or early 2000s. What they found was across all ages- they only studied guys after the age of 25- was that men’s testosterone levels were dropping by an average of 1.2% to 1.3% a year. So that basically means a guy’s testosterone levels, like a 30-year old’s testosterone levels in 1988 were around 17% to 25% higher than a guy with the same age’s testosterone levels at 1998. We thought testosterone was when you hit 30, you lose 1% every year. But what we’re seeing is this across all ages, it’s just not an age-dependent testosterone thing we’re seeing it generationally. What we’re also seeing is increases in problems with mental health, obesity, all these things. I kind of think they’re correlated. So for guys, really start focusing on the little things you can do in your lifestyle like not drinking from plastic water bottles, supplementing with zinc and Vitamin D, eating more high quality fruits, vegetables and the 5 meat rules we talked about, higher quality meats. It’s not about quantitative or low quality. And get active. If you can do those kinds of things, then you can increase your testosterone levels and it’s very important for any guy that wants to be optimal, but also any guy who wants to be healthy. I’d say that’s one thing I’d leave guys with is really focus on those testosterone levels, because we’re seeing them drop across the board, it’s kind of freaking me out.


Excellent point. Chad, where can people get more information about yourself and The Man’s Diet book?

Yes. If you just Google my name, the site will be there, all of the stuff will be there on that first page. And then if you go on, you will see on the shop page you will see The Man Diet. You can kind of look at the page, see if it’s for you and you are going to learn a lot of stuff on that page as well.

Chad, thank you very much for your time.

I appreciate it, Rick. Thanks for having me on.

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