4 Herbs to Skyrocket Your Strength and Power

How would you describe your strength and power? Do you have the strength to perform daily tasks with ease or do you run out of breath and strength halfway through a task. Sometimes, lack of strength and power is as a result of dietary deficiencies.

There are different ways through which low energy could develop including issues related to diet, rest or sleep. Your body may simply not have enough fuel needed for tasks and activities that require various amounts of strength and power. To provide sufficient fuel to the body, you need to consume sufficient nutrients to enable you carry out activities and perform tasks. This is where the consumption of herbs is very important because herbs can provide great nutrients and immense benefits for the body.

The use of herbs has grown over the years. The global herb industry’s market value reached US$200 billion by 2008 [1]. Without good nutrition, we can put our bodies at risk for so many things including infection and disease. Poor diet or inadequate nutrition could result in cell deterioration and depletion of nutritional storage pockets in the body which can create havoc and distress if not replenished effectively.

If you do not like herbs or have not been including herbs in your diet, it could be time to change and begin to explore the wonderful world of herbs, plants and vegetables. Perhaps your diet seems fine the way it is. However, exploring the use of herbs to provide powerful health benefits could be a win-win situation. You win by increasing your knowledge. You also win by actually embarking on a journey to use these herbs and reap great benefits for your health.

Why are herbs so healthy and why should you care? Well, apart from the high nutritional value herbs provide, another reason why you should include herbs in your diet is the low calorie count associated with such provisions of nutrition. In essence, you get more nutritional value without the danger of packing on unnecessary pounds.

There are so many different kinds of herbs such as sage, peppermint, basil, dill, oregano, parsley, thyme and rosemary. These plants may seem insignificant and without the ability to taste good. However, herbs can be consumed in many different ways, possess a potent punch and can be sources of numerous properties that strengthen the body while fighting off infections and disease.

Certain herbs can have anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-septic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. Herbs may contain Vitamin A, Vitamin, K, Vitamin C, iron, calcium, iron and many other vitamins and minerals.

The following are 4 herbs that can skyrocket your strength and power:

1. Polyrhachis Ant Extract

There are certain substances that have the ability to fortify the immune system and the Polyrhachis ant extract is one of these substances. Although this extract comes from ants, it is regarded as a herb in traditional Chinese medicine. It is usually purchased in power form and can be turned into a potent tonic that is typically used to increase or boost energy levels.

This powerful extract from the Polyrhachis black ant is described as the herb of kings and it is naturally anti-inflammatory [2].

Black Ant

Ants are energetic and able to move from place to place easily. The Polyrhachis ant extract and ancient Chinese health tonic is known to provide an immediate effect in the form of increased energy levels. The ants that are used to retrieve the extract are sourced from regions that are largely undisturbed and free from contaminants, including areas that are geographically preserved and contain ants with high quality extracts.

These ants also contain high amounts of zinc, typically between 120mg to 180mg in every 1000g of the extract and this essential nutrient is essential for building muscles. The extract is a natural source of ATP and provides essential vitamins including Vitamins E, C, D and the B Vitamins. Polyrhachis ant extract also contains other minerals like selenium, manganese, calcium and phosphorus. This ant extract is considered to be one of the best quality tonic herbs available. (You can read this article for more details on Polyrhachis Ant Extract.)

2. Cistanche

This herb is like a shrub and is linked to healthy living and the promoting the health of blood. Found growing in dessert-like regions, the Cistanche herb is capable of providing strength and has also been associated with improved sexual function.


Cistanche is described as being a parasitic plant but this does not stop it from being used in traditional medicine and it has been used to reduce cholesterol levels when tested on mice [3].

The herb is able to promote essence and this is similar to vitality or a high quality life. Thus, people who experience depletion of blood or other fluid levels or those who have blood related illnesses may receive some relief through this herb.

Its benefits have been linked to the kidneys and also the large intestine. The movement of blood flow to various regions in the body is another benefit from the consumption of Cistanche and such movement can be related to increased sexual vigour.

3. Maral Root

This root extract gets its name from the type of deer that likes to feed on it.

The benefits of consuming maral root extract include gaining improved work capacity, developing lean muscle mass, improving memory, enhanced sexual potency, fighting mild depression, anabolic properties and encouraging recovery from illness [4].

Maral Root

Hence, if you have just gone through an illness, consuming maral root extract could help you renew your strength and step into your daily or normal routines. Its ability to help a person recover from low energy and exhaustion make this herb ideal for post-workout recovery periods or body building or training sessions. Apart from recovery from illnesses, the maral root could be used in scenarios where a boost of moods, energy and alertness is required.

4. Hydrilla

The Hydrilla herb is also known as Hydrilla Verticillata and this herb is linked to increasing energy levels and strength as well. It can create mood elevations and a healthy immune system. Sometimes, people consume energy boosters which last for short duration. However, consuming Hydrilla provides increased energy levels that are capable of lasting all day.

Rich in B Vitamins such as Vitamin B12, this herb is able to fight mood swings or help people regulate their moods. Vitamin B1 helps to generate energy and improve nerve function and Vitamin B2 is responsible for the release of energy.


The herb is also full of minerals and this aids the body by building up cells. Hydrilla is also rich in calcium which aids bone formation and strength in the body. This calcium is readily absorbed so that the mineral becomes available to immediately strengthen teeth, hair and bones. Calcium also works to improve the proper functioning of the nervous system, keeps cholesterol levels balanced and improve muscle and kidney function.

As an antioxidant, Hydrilla works to support immune function and also aid mental health. There have been associations between Hydrilla and the digestive system. The herb works to cleanse the digestive system of toxins and waste products that build up within the body instead of being flushed out. Thus, Hydrilla promotes the flushing of these waste products and toxic substances from the body. With the use of this herb, you may also notice improvements to your sleep habits too.

People who are engaged in activities that require more amounts of strength, power, stamina and endurance could also benefit in regular consumption of herbs. For example, people who perform workout and body building routines on a regular basis could benefit from herbal blends that are able to stimulate a person’s strength and power.

The SuperMan Herbs [5] product is an example of a herbal blend that focuses on increasing your strength and power. There are so many herbs that can be beneficial to your diet and overall health. Different herbs may each provide a different benefit. Hence, this is why a variety of herbs as part of your diet can be quite beneficial.

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Usually, each herb has at least one beneficial property depending in what type of phyto-chemical it contains. Adding herbs to your meals and diet could be a gradual process such as sprinkling a few chopped fresh herbs on your usual meals or adding herbs to soups. Slowly, you could begin to increase your intake of herbs by creating a side dish out of herbs or making the appetizer of a meal one that is based entirely or mainly on herbs.

There are many opportunities to increase the nutritional content of a meal by including a handful of a variety of herbs. Add some zest to your usual bowl of soup or stir-fry dishes and watch your strength and power skyrocket as you begin or continue to build up the use of these herbs in your daily diet.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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