42 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Wife


Finding the perfect Christmas gift for your wife might not be the easiest thing you do all year. It’s difficult to select a gift that shows your wife just how much you love and cherish her. Fortunately, at Exercises For Injuries, we know a lot about what most wives want for Christmas.

We did some research about the best Christmas gifts for wives this year. We found some great gift ideas for the woman you love. Here’s our list of 42 best Christmas gifts for your wife.

Senior-couple - Best Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

1. Trip for Two

Plan a little getaway to a place you know she’ll love. It could be a road trip a few hours away or a 14-hour flight overseas. Show your wife that she’s always on your mind by giving her a romantic getaway for Christmas.

baked-croissants - Best Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

2. Better Bakeware

Best Christmas Gifts for Your Wife: Is your wife a baker? When is the last time she’s had upgraded bakeware? Buy her a top of the line set of better baking dishes. Be sure to include a couple of sizes of cake pans, a loaf pan and a couple of large rectangular baking pans.

applying-essential-oil - Best Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

3. Essential Oils Kit

Best Christmas Gifts for Your Wife: If your wife is a bit on the crunchy side, she’ll love a nice set of essential oils. If she doesn’t have any oils yet, consider a basic starter kit that includes lavender, orange, tea tree, peppermint and rosemary essential oils. Also, if she’s already into essential oils, consider getting her some lesser-known yet useful additions like frankincense, lemongrass, ylang-ylang and helichrysum oils.

When you’re buying essential oils, look for a reputable brand. Also, remember that expensive does not always mean high quality. You can buy excellent, high-quality oils without taking a loan against the house. Look at ratings and reviews online to help you make your decision.

Aroma-oil-diffuser - Best Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

4. An Oil Diffuser

Best Christmas Gifts for Your Wife: If she likes essential oils, consider a nice diffuser for your wife. She can add a few drops of her favorite essential oils into the diffuser with water and fill the room with healing aromas.

planting-flowers - Best Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

5. Quality Garden Tools

Every good gardener needs the right tools. If your wife is operating with subpar clippers, a warped shovel and gloves that don’t keep her hands dry, head to the nursery and get some recommendations on the best garden tool kit for her needs. She’ll love some quality garden tools for Christmas.

applies-face-cream - Best Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

6. Skincare System

Best Christmas Gifts for Your Wife: If you want your wife to brag to all of her friends about what an awesome guy you are, visit the skincare counter at your local department store and inquire about a line of skincare products. The representatives at the beauty counter can recommend something perfect for your wife, based on her age, skin type and sun exposure.

chocolate-sweets - Best Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

7. A Box of the Best Chocolates

Best Christmas Gifts for Your Wife: Is your wife a chocolate lover? Consider buying her the finest chocolates you can find this Christmas. Check the varieties that are available at the natural foods store. You could also visit a chocolatier to find a box of amazing chocolate candies for your sweetie.

Porcini-mushrooms - Best Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

8. Mushroom Growing Kit

Perhaps your wife is a mushroom lover. Did you know there are fantastic kits available with everything you need to grow and harvest your own mushrooms? Search online for a mushroom growing kit and order one for your wife.

Theatrical-performance - Best Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

9. Theater Tickets

Whether you live in a big city or a small town, chances are, there’s a community theater within an hour’s drive. Find out what upcoming shows are playing and buy a pair of tickets for you and your wife. Theater tickets make lovely Christmas gifts for wives who enjoy stage productions.

couple-dating - Best Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

10. 12 Well-planned Dates

Often, wives are the ones who plan the dates. They also typically arrange the childcare, budget for the dates and tell you when to be ready. Give her the gift of 12, well-planned dates for Christmas this year. That’s one for each month. Plan the 12 dates and write the details for each one on an individual notecard. Then, tie them up with a bow and present them to your wife at Christmas. She will be blown away by your thoughtfulness.

Granny-in-a-car - Best Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

11. Remote Car Starter

No woman wants to run out and start her car on a cold winter morning. Buy her a remote starter so that she can start her car and the heater from the comfort of her bathrobe on chilly days.

drinking-tea - Best Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

12. Fine Teas

If your wife loves a hot cup of tea each morning, order a gourmet variety of the finest teas for her this Christmas. Throw in a mesh tea ball for steeping it.

smartwatch-in-sports - Best Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

13. Smartwatch

If she’s been eyeballing smartwatches for the past few years, it’s time to buy her one finally. New smartwatches offer so many cool features and options. She’ll love one.

vegetables-and-leaves-in-a-blender - Best Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

14. The Best Blender

Is the blender your wife uses just OK? If it’s not powerful enough to pulverize nuts, seeds and celery in seconds, consider upgrading to a better model this Christmas. There are some amazing blenders available on the market these days.

reading-on-sofa - Best Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

15. Cashmere

Most women will melt over anything cashmere. From sweaters to winter hats to slippers, cashmere gifts are incredibly popular this year. Pamper your wife with a super-soft cashmere Christmas gift.


16. A Better Mattress

If you and your wife are sleeping on the same saggy, stained or lumpy mattress you’ve had for the past decade, look into buying her a new bed. Your princess will look forward to snuggling up with you in a comfortable and supportive mattress.


17. Hot Sunglasses

Protect your wife’s gorgeous eyes with a pair of sunglasses that are exactly her style.


18. Her Own Set of Tools

There’s no longer a need to worry about your wife misplacing your pliers. Buy your do-it-yourself (DIY)-loving wife a set of tools in a perfect pink case. You can find some excellent ladies-only tool sets online.


19. Pressure Cooker

If your wife loves making excellent meals but is also short on time, get her one of the new electric pressure cookers on the market. The internet is full of delicious recipes exclusively for pressure cookers. These make dinner prep much faster and more efficient.


20. The Cleanest Car

For a more practical Christmas gift, have your wife’s car detailed and cleaned up like it’s brand new. Throw in a subscription to a nearby car wash as well so that she can give it a rinse anytime she likes.


21. Custom Family Photo Puzzle

If your wife loves putting together puzzles, have one custom-made with her favorite family photo. She’ll love assembling it.


22. Air Plants

Does your wife enjoy having houseplants around? If so, buy her a pretty set of air plants this year. They’re such easy-to-care-for plants that don’t even require dirt. Air plants are extremely popular right now. They need water about once a week and that’s about it.


23. Hot & Cold Bottle

If your wife is always on the go, she needs a nice thermal bottle that can keep her beverages either hot or cold all day. Pick up one of these handy bottles to put beneath the Christmas tree for your wife.


24. Comfort flats

Ladies’ shoes don’t have a reputation for being comfortable. However, there are a few brands that are now making beautiful dress flats that feel more like sneakers. Do a little poking around and find the best-rated brand of comfort flats. Then, buy a gift card so that your wife can select the exact color and style she likes.


25. Better Luggage

While it may seem like you’ve already given your wife enough baggage, she could still use a better suitcase. Consider a luxury set of beautiful luggage for the wife who travels often. She’ll think of you each time she spots it on the conveyor belt.Family-photo-portrait

26. Family Photo Session

Most of the time, it’s wives who arrange the family photo session, make sure everyone shows up and coordinate the outfits. Give her the year off from planning and book a session for her. Plan and execute a nice family photoshoot. It’ll mean the world to her.


27. The Best Yoga Mat

If your wife is into yoga, scan the online reviews until you’ve found the highest-rated yoga mat in your price range. Then, buy it for her.


28. Stainless-steel Electric Kettle

You can’t go wrong with a stainless-steel electric kettle. Your coffee- or tea-drinking wife will love it.


29. Quality Pajamas

High-quality, soft and comfortable pajamas are at the top of her wish list this year. Purchase a few pairs of deluxe pajamas for your wife. It may also be nice to get a matching his and her set.


30. Super-soft Blanket

Your wife loves soft things. Consider a soft, plushy blanket for her this year. Perhaps she needs one for the sofa.


31. Better Bras

While an actual bra is likely something your wife will have to purchase herself, you can score major points by giving her a gift certificate to buy a few new, quality bras. There are some stellar bra manufacturers that sell wire-free, supportive and comfortable bras these days.


32. High-quality Socks

Could your wife use some pretty and practical new socks for Christmas this year? Buy her several pairs. She’ll need some for work, some for exercise and some to wear around the house on a cool Saturday morning.


33. A More Comfortable Couch

If your wife doesn’t love your current couch, start shopping for a better, more comfortable one. If you know she’d love a sectional sofa, surprise her with one for Christmas this year.


34. Luxury Bath Towels

Everyone loves wrapping up in a luxury bath sheet after a nice, hot shower. Buy your wife a set in her very favorite color.


35. Air Fryer

If she likes to cook crispy fried chicken but doesn’t want to use a half-gallon of oil, consider buying your wife an air fryer for Christmas this year. Prices on these units have come down quite a bit over the past few years. It’s a great time to buy one.


36. A Year of Flowers

Set up a standing monthly order of flowers from your local flower shop this year. Have a lovely bouquet of flowers sent to your wife each month of the new year. She’ll feel like a princess all over again.


37. Meal Kit Subscription

There are some fantastic meal kit subscriptions available these days. These companies will do all the shopping and prep work, and then deliver everything you need to your door. Buy a package of meals for your wife this year. It’ll take some of the work out of the fabulous dinners she prepares.


38. Top-of-the-Line Cutting Board

For a woman who loves cooking, a good-quality cutting board is essential. Buy her a nicer board this year.


39. Better Knives

If your beloved doesn’t love her current set of knives, consider buying her a new, better set. Try one of the amazing new ceramic knives. She’ll love it.


40. Remote Vacuum Cleaner

This one is a no-brainer. Everyone wants a vacuum cleaner that will sweep the entire house each day by itself. Grab one of these wonderful little gadgets for your wife this year.


41. Endless Audiobooks

If she loves to read but seldom has the time, buy your wife a subscription to an audiobook service. She’ll be able to listen to all the titles she desires on her commute to work or while she’s falling asleep at night.


42. Soft Sheets

Every woman wants to crawl into a super soft set of sheets each night. Buy some luxury, high-thread-count sheets for your wife this Christmas. She’ll be so grateful each time she snuggles in for a night’s rest.

Use our handy guide to select the perfect Christmas gift for your wife ― or that significant woman in your life ― this year. Happy Holidays!

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