4X Rapid Kettlebell Boot Camp Workout

4X Rapid Kettlebell Boot Camp Workout

If you are new to kettlebell training or need a quick and effective way to train with kettlebells, the Rapid Kettlebell Workout is for you.

Today, I have a great kettlebell workout that you can try out.

It is from Forest Vance.

Forest has been on EFI before, and today he has a great workout you can try yourself or with your clients.


~ Rick Kaselj

Hey! Forest Vance here, a Boot Camp instructor and a Kettlebell expert based in Sacramento, California.

Today, I have an example Kettlebell Boot Camp workout for you to try with your campers or at home with your workouts.

We are going to do a couple of kettlebell exercises with some variations and some basic stuff, you may or may not have ever tried this before, but I’ll give you some coaching points to make sure you’re doing it properly. This is maybe a little bit different than the traditional Boot Camp Exercises you’re used to.

You might be used to doing bodyweight and some conditioning which we do. Still, the big benefit of kettlebells is we can incorporate some strength-based work into our workouts in a fun and unique way. Hence, our campers get that strength in addition to the conditioning we typically do in our Boot Camps.

I want to do a full-body complete workout. We are going to hop right to our first work set here.

Rapid Kettlebell Workout 1X – Walking See-Saw Press

The first set is the Walking See-Saw Press.

Walking See-Saw Press Rapid Kettlebell Workout

You’re going to need two kettlebells. We are going to go up to a rack position.

Few coaching points on the rack position:

  • The forearm is straight up and down
  • Arms are tight to the body
  • Hands are below the chin on the kettlebell
  • I can touch my thumb to my collarbone, and the kettlebells are touching my upper arm and my forearm

I’m going to take a small step forward with my right leg, stabilize all my weights on my right foot, and I am going to do a press on my right arm. Then I will step forward with the left leg and press the left arm overhead while putting the right kettlebell down.

You need a floor space where you can do about 8 to 10 reps of each. That’s our exercise #1.

Rapid Kettlebell Workout 2X – Resistant Band Pull Apart

We are going to pair that with a Resistant Band Pull-Apart.

Resistant Band Pull Apart Rapid Kettlebell Workout

Pick up the appropriate size of the band.

The band will be right at chest level, and we will pull the band apart. It’s a killer shoulder blaster. We get the shoulders and the middle and upper back to work on those muscles we need.

You know you and your clients and everybody need so much to work because we are sitting at our desks most of the time.

That’s our first pair of exercises, 3 to 4 sets total.

Rapid Kettlebell Workout 3X – Slingshot

Once we are done with that, for the second pair, we are going to do three sets. We are going to do the Slingshot. It’s like a combination between a swing and a sort of hammer bicep curl, so we are getting some lower bodywork, and we are also getting some upper bodywork as well.

Slingshot Side View

I am turning the kettlebell down, grabbing it, and swinging it around. I started with my hand in front of the bell, then turned it down and grabbed the other end.

Slingshot Front View

I’m going to go here, turn the bell back. Stay nice and square, no turning the hips, and we will snap the hips and bring the bell right to the top.

With this, we will perform a reverse ladder or reverse pyramid sort of thing. Start with twelve on each side.

Rapid Kettlebell Workout 4X – Close Grip Push Up

Next is Close Grip Push Up.

Close Grip Push Up

Knees and toes, arms are close to the sides, knock out twelve of those.

Then we are going to go right into 10 Slingshots on each side. Now we are going right into 10 Close Grip Push Ups to two as quickly as possible.

That’s the end of the workout.

When you are finished, you can enter in a relay or some finisher, some conditioning thing for your boot camp people. Make sure it’s some fun thing where you engage the group, and you finish them off strong.

I hope you enjoyed the 4X Rapid Kettlebell Workout, and we’ll see you next time at KettlebellBootcampWorkouts.com.

Forest Vance, MS, RKC, CPT

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