5 Ingredients You Need To Throw Out of Your Kitchen

5 Ingredients You Need To Throw Out of Your Kitchen

How Diana started hacking recipes 

My name is Diana, and I earned the nickname “the recipe hacker” when I began developing recipes free of wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, and cane sugar, while still making them taste delicious. These are ingredients you need to throw out of your kitchen.

Why does she avoid using sugar cane in her recipes? 

Why not utilize sugar from sugar cane? First, we must distinguish between all sugars because raw honey is also sugar. We’re discussing cane sugar here, and I don’t use it in my recipes. Instead, I use coconut palm sugar, which is more nutritious as it isn’t processed or bleached. It will provide you with vitamins, minerals, and calories in a mild sweetness that will not raise your blood sugar levels like cane sugar. Throw Out of Your Kitchen

The five components she excludes from her meals and why she does so 

I eliminate wheat, dairy, soy, and gluten from my dishes and cane sugar. Why? These five ingredients are added to processed meals that cause us to gain weight. It also keeps us from eating vegetables, fruits, or lean meats. 

So it’s a two-fold problem: eating them makes you more prone to weight gain while also making you unhealthy. Furthermore, ingesting it is not the same as eating, which basically should be the act of putting nutritious food into your body. 

Easy and simple strategies to encourage yourself to eat nutritious meals 

Eating healthily can be a lot like exercising; it just sounds laborious. So, how can people make things more straightforward? 

The first step is to get rid of all the junk food and processed, frozen, and canned goods from your life and your home. Remove all processed foods and snacks from your diet, and only eat real, whole foods. That’s the simplest way to improve your eating habits. 

The second suggestion is to prepare healthy meals for your family at least once a week. On Sundays, for example, you may plan the meal for the following week and make a grocery list for the recipes. You can acquire all you need from the grocery store once a week. You see, healthy eating and cooking may be made much easier with a little planning. 


Advantages of meal planning 

So we talked about our weekly meal planning, which we do on Sundays. How can I make time for healthy meals, snacks, breakfast, and other activities? It all boils down to setting priorities. We find time to exercise practically every day as fitness professionals. It’s simply the way we live. And I place a high value on healthy cooking and nourishing my children. meal-plan-paper

Snacks for kids that are good for them 

It’s better to pack your child’s lunch personally, so you know exactly what’s in it. Prepare something they like and make sure they’re as healthy as possible. 

For instance, I have a simple meatball recipe that I prepare on Sundays and then save two or three in a ziplock bag for snacking. The Caveman Cookies, a prehistoric cookie recipe, comes next. It is made with almond flour, dark chocolate, eggs, and coconut oil, a tasty, pleasant cookie, but with ingredients that will keep them fueled for the day rather than causing a sugar crash. 

As a result, my children appreciate the meatballs and cookies. In addition, I have a breakfast cookie, which is a clever method to get all of these nutrients. 


The food that has the most influence on our health 

Sugar is everywhere; as some documentaries say, it’s just as addicting as cocaine. Even if you try to avoid sugar, you can’t help yourself.  

According to statistics, we consumed six pounds of sugar per year in the last 200 years. Now, we consume more than 100 pounds of sugar every year.  

Too much sugar creates inflammation in the body, which is one of the main reasons for joint pain. Sugar only exists as a filler. So, whether you have severe or minor soy sensitivity, almost everything you eat is processed. 

Thus, if there is one thing that people or individuals can do to improve their health, it is to stop eating cane sugar. The biggest impact will come from eliminating this processed sugar from your diet. 

Further, most people have allergies to the other five items I exclude from recipes, and they may not even realize it – those are the five ingredients you need to get rid of from your kitchen and your life! 

About Diana

Diana Keuilian is also known as the “The Recipe Hacker.” She earned her nickname over time as she began developing the wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, and cane sugar-free recipes while not sacrificing flavor. In this interview, she shares some of her tried-and-true healthy hacks that will inspire a new way of thinking about food and eating. Making changes is never easy; however, making some adjustments to your lifestyle will make you feel and look fabulous from the inside out. Happy Cooking!

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