2 Foods You MUST Have On Your Grocery List

2 Foods You MUST Have On Your Grocery List

While certain foods can cause a severe allergic reaction, other foods can induce minor sensitivities that sometimes go unnoticed. Nonetheless, these sensitivities may become chronic and end up having a negative effect on your overall health.

Sugar can be seen as seemingly innocent but is one of the worst addictions. When abused, sugar will claim negative effects over the entire body as well as the mind.

Weeding out sugar is tough and can be associated with withdrawal symptoms. Like any addiction, giving up sweets as well as sweet drinks like soda pop can be very difficult at first.

Sugar is specifically a major issue in kids. Diana, having two children in elementary school herself, sees first-hand the amount of sugar ingested by children. The effects of too much sugar can not only decrease overall health in children, but also inhibit learning and the development of heathy eating habits. Diana also knows that the amount of sugar consumed by children is directly related to the epidemic of childhood obesity. 

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A Danish research group published findings on sugar addiction and devised a 15-20-step routine to treat childhood obesity. Diana followed this program and found it to be extremely effective. The first step is to avoid cereals. The second step focuses on replacing sugary breakfast cereals with sugar-free oatmeal. Lastly, the program suggests avoiding processed foods.

When planning diet changes, Diana urges people to start with adding the good stuff, rather than subtracting. An example of this would be; adding some eggs and fruit along with the sugary breakfast cereal. After this routine becomes consistent, slowly start pulling the processed, sugary items out of the meal to make the transition easier. 

Diana believes in putting together a healthful, all-natural, and Paleolithic meal created with ingredients that cavemen had access to. Using ingredients like ginger, walnuts, nutmeg, almond meal, raisins, cinnamon, and honey can be a great way to incorporate healthy sustainable calories that are high in much needed heathy fats, vitamins and minerals. Using simple and whole, non- processed ingredients are the way to go and can taste great as well.

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The #1 Ingredient Diana Would Remove from Everyone’s Kitchen 

If Diana had a magic wand to substantially enhance everyone’s health, the one thing she would eliminate from every kitchen in the world would be SUGAR. Removing refined sugar as an ingredient from everyone’s home and meals would be a life-changing event for so many people!

When the palette has been conditioned to consuming sweet foods, it takes time for adjustments to happen for the tastebuds and body. If sweet food has been a staple in the diet for some time, the bitter taste of dark chocolate may not be pleasurable at first. Once the system has been cleansed, the subtle flavors of a wide range of healthy foods may become much more enjoyable. Over time, appreciating the taste of natural foods starts to become pleasant and even therapeutic.

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Diana’s “Go-To” Healthy Side Dishes and the 2 Foods that MUST be on the Grocery List

Diana always has 2 staple vegetables in her cookbooks as well as in the fridge; zucchini and cauliflower

Zucchini, is not only versatile in recipes but is rich in many nutrients and high in anti-oxidants. Consumption of this summer squash may also aid in weight loss and digestion while having a positive effect on heart health. Diana recommends making noodles with the zucchini to be either eaten raw or lightly cooked for a healthy and tasty alternative to pasta or to enjoy as a side dish.

Cauliflower is another extremely healthy and versatile vegetable that is a significant source of nutrients. This vegetable is high in fiber and can be a low carb alternative to grains and legumes, making it advantageous in weight loss. Cauliflower is also high in Choline and sulforaphane, both having many important uses and effects in the body. Both compounds work to prevent inflammation and assist in preventing disease. 

The versatility of this vegetable can be seen in pizza crusts, dips, as an alternative to rice or mashed potatoes, or simply just seasoned and roasted to bring out the sweet natural flavors.

Other Staples Diana has in her fridge include organic chicken breasts and free-range quality eggs. Both are great sources of sustainable good quality protein. Her family does not consume dairy so she always has alternatives like almond or coconut milk. Other items she has on hard are coconut and almond flour, as well as organic nuts, seeds and raisins.


Tips to Eating Great and Feeling Awesome

The tendency is to believe that eating healthy and making impactful change has to do with solely willpower. The truth is, if there are not healthy foods in the house, then healthy foods will definitely be consumed less. So, rid the fridge and cupboards of junk over time and start filling them with more real, organic, and healthy foods!

About Diana

Diana Keuilian is also known as the “The Recipe Hacker.” She earned her nickname over time as she began developing recipes that were all wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, and cane sugar free while not sacrificing flavor. Making changes are never easy, however, making some adjustments to your lifestyle is sure to make you feel and look fabulous from the inside out. Happy Cooking!

You can see more tips in her Recipe Hacker book, on her blog realhealthyrecipes.com, or on her Facebook page. Diana shares plenty of wonderful content and ideas for meals, snacks, and desserts there!

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