5 Minutes Cardio Circuit

I have not been able to make it to the gym the last two days but that is okay, I have a little corner in the Great Room where I can get a quick workout.

Plus I also have a lot of friends in the fitness industry that train people and have great programs.

Below is the workout that I did, yesterday in the corner.

It is from Mike Whitfield, who has been on EFI before.

Enjoy the workout!

Take ti away, Mike!

Rick Kaselj, MS


Hey it’s Mike Whitfield here with Workout Finishers. I have a special treat for my friends over at Exercises For Injuries. I want to talk about doing a 5-Minute Cardio Circuit.

5 Minutes Cardio Circuit

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Now the reason why we are doing only 5 minutes because it is really important and I truly believe it is something we have to do every day. Not so much as far as like a full workout because I personally like to workout 3 days a week, sometimes 4, but for the most part 3 days and that gives me the opportunity to just stay active on the other days. That means playing with my kids and playing basketball. I love to play basketball and sometimes I go for a swim, just something, because what it does for your mental state is it helps you make better decision with food and it just puts you in the right mind frameAnother reason too is it’s a natural boost of energy. You don’t have to rely on stimulants or coffee.

When you just do a short bodyweight circuit it can really give you a nice surge of energy. This is something you can do on an off day. It requires no equipment. It’s a 5 minute circuit. It’s a bodyweight cardio circuit so that means we are going to be doing a lot of legs, but we are also going to fill in some pushing muscles as well.

#1 – Lunge Jump or Total Body Extension

You are going to start off in the lunge position and you are going to jump and switch feet.

Lunge Jump

Lunge Jump

Now if your knees are not ready for something like that what you can do instead is a Total Body Extension. So instead of 5 per side on the lunge jumps, we are going to do 10 total body extensions.

Total Body Extension

Total Body Extension

Your feet are about shoulder width apart, slight bend in the knee, your arms are behind your glutes and you are going to explode up on your toes with your hands above your head but we are going to do it fast one, two, three, all the way to ten. So it is 5 reps per side on the lunge jumps or 10 total body extensions.

#2 – Explosive Push Up

Again we are going to really crank our heart rate up. If you are not ready for explosive push ups or you can just do regular push ups.

Explosive Push Up

Explosive Push Up

What we are going to do is the hands are going to leave the ground. And to minimize the impact, you are going to want to make sure you land in the push up position. Again, if you are not ready for those, by all means, just do regular push ups. You are going to do 5 on those as well.

#3 – Skater Hops

All you are going to do is jump to one side and then jump back to the other.

Skater Hops

Skater Hops

Make sure that weight gets shifted in to the outside leg. So that’s a total of 10, 5 on each side.

#4 – Jumping Jacks

We are going to end it with 5 Jumping Jacks, old school, great conditioning exercise and great for shoulder mobility as well.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks

We are going to do 5 reps on those and you are going to go through this circuit as many times as you can in 5 minutes.

Now I am out of breath just demoing it, so you can imagine what the 5 minutes are going to do. It’s just a great way to stay active and get a nice surge of energy without stimulants and caffeine. You can also plug this in at the end of your workout as a great finisher. I will see you guys later. Rick, thanks for having me. Talk to you next time.

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