6 Tweaks to Double Your Results from The Plank Exercise

6 Tweaks to Double Your Results from The Plank Exercise

Today, I want to go through 6 tweaks to double your results from the plank exercise. These tweaks will help you get more results out of your plank exercise. The plank is a great exercise that not only strengthens and stabilizes your core. But works on strengthening and stabilizing your entire body. Adding in these tweaks will make the plank more challenging, so you will get more results from the exercise. Make sure you are strong and have perfect alignment in the regular plank before adding in these variations.

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So the first one is to add a little bit of a twist. You can twist from side to side. So going from the front plank to a side plank and. I end up going with forearms stacked and moving from one side and moving to the other side. So that’s another way of kind of adding a little bit of a tweak in order to get more results out of your plank.

Now from here, what you can end up doing is the second tweak is going from bent elbows into straight elbows. So that can end up making it more challenging as well and getting more results out of the exercise. So that’s a second tweak.

Now, the third one ends up being adding knee drives. So Alex has got good alignment through here, arms are below the shoulders, maybe a little bit lower. She’s tightening the abdominal area, just moving at the hip, not rounding in her back and driving that knee as high up as she can. Perfect.

Now, the fourth one ends up being going downhill. What you can do is you can get a chair or you can get a ball and what you want to do is add a downward slope to the plank. So now we’ve got a downward slope so that ends up challenging things more in the upper body. Then also ends up challenging that abdominal area in a different way. And then you can start changing the positions of the ball, your toes, shins, knees, hips. The further away from your body it is, the more challenging it ends up being.

The fifth tweak ends up being adding an arm reach. So Alex can get in the plank movement and then she can add an arm reach from the forearms or she can end up being in that straight-arm position going for that arm reach.

And then lastly, the sixth tweak is legs in and out. So in this plank movement, bring the legs out, bringing them back and then bringing them out. And that ends up challenging things more when it comes to the plank.

So there you go. If you want to end up doubling your results from the plank exercise, give one of those six tweaks a GO or give all six of those things a tweak to really get the doubling of your results.

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Rick Kaselj, MSc

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