The Best Shoulder Pain Exercise

In today’s video, I wanted to go through the best shoulder pain exercise.

The Best Shoulder Pain Exercise

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I’ll get Donnalee to demonstrate.

You need to find a sturdy door frame or something that you can hang from like a monkey bar.

Vertical Hanging Exercise

Vertical Hanging Exercise

Some people find it too difficult to reach all the way straight up due to shoulder pain and that’s perfectly fine. You can grab onto something a little bit lower, bend your knees, bring your hips down and stretch out the shoulders as much as you can. Start off with that, then progress further and further until you are able you to bring the arms further overhead.

Grab the door frame and then hang from it. You are looking for a light stretch in the shoulders. Start off with hanging for 5 seconds and then you step away. Check how your shoulders feel.  Do they feel better or worse? If they feel better, give that exercise another go. Now, if it doesn’t feel right, then make sure you are doing the technique correctly, decrease the intensity, or discontinue the exercise. It might not be appropriate for you.

If you feel better doing this exercise, you can do another 5 seconds hold. If it feels good then continue on and do 5 repetitions with 5 seconds hold. You can then progress to 5 repetitions with a 10 second hold,  and progress onto 5 repetitions with a 15 second hold. Increase the load through your arms and stretching out your shoulders. Give this best shoulder pain exercise a go. This will drastically help you with your shoulder pain.

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Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS