7-Day Aggressive, Yet Doable Plan

7-Day Aggressive, Yet Doable Plan

Hey, I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. Today is set as a nice day with the family. I am excited to know what we will end up doing on this great family day.

Today, I have an article for you from my good friend, Mike Whitfield.  He talked about a 7-day, Yet Doable Plan that will help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Enjoy the article! I will talk to you again tomorrow.

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~ Rick Kaselj, MS


Hey look, I’ll admit from experience that sticking to any resolution is harder than you can ever imagine.

It’s not very encouraging to revamp your diet, start an exercise regimen and then see nothing change on the scale or in your clothes.

Believe me. I’ve been there.

In fact, Rick and I were just talking about the resolution craze and why 98% of people fall off within 6 weeks. It’s really simple.

You may not be doing something achievable.

Think about it – all these silly memes going around social media, telling you to eat organic foods only, never eat carbs, and to wreck your joints with an endless amount of jumping and explosive movements.

Then we end up burned out, guilty, or worse… HURT.

Why? Because it’s just not achievable.

So after losing 115 pounds myself without any surgery or complicated dieting and NOT pounding my joints over and over, I wanted to share with you my 7-day aggressive, yet doable plan that I’ve used with my private clients.

You won’t lose 10 pounds in a week with this, OK? But you will feel and look leaner while losing 3-5 pounds if you follow it. And it will be the jump-start you need to stay on track.

By the way, 7-day plans are not for everyone. A longer, more consistent approach will work better. If you struggle with food decisions, especially on the weekends, I’ve got something for you later.

In the meantime, here’s the 7-Day Aggressive, Yet Doable Plan

1. Focus on protein (aim for 70-120 grams a day)

No, you don’t need 200 grams a day like the magazines and “experts” say. You can get protein from protein shakes, eggs, meat, Greek yogurt, etc.

2. Enjoy bread, rice, etc. on the days you exercise

By the way, you only really need to exercise 3 days a week to see a difference).

Stick to just one serving (the size of your open hand).

3. Fill in the rest of your plate with non-starchy veggies however I know…

Salads are boring. Broccoli is dull. Kale is just stupid. However, you sauté’ some broccoli with minced garlic, and a little butter and season it with salt and pepper, it’s a little more doable.

Oh yeah for salads – you can eat some croutons for crying out loud. And yes, you could do a lot worse than a store-bought low-calorie dressing. If you can’t do a homemade dressing, don’t sweat this small detail.

4. Don’t punish your body, just move it (here’s how)

Don’t make this complicated. Do 3 full body workouts with low-impact movements. Hit your legs first when you’re fresh, then hit your pulling and pushing muscles and finally your core. You can do this without equipment, too.

Here’s just ONE exercise that works your back without equipment called the Bodyweight Row (your back can be sore – crazy as it sounds, it works!).

bodyweight row

5. (My favorite) – Have a planned reward meal!

I know, I know. Most other “aggressive” plans don’t allow a single cheat meal. Again, this is not achievable. Then when you do cheat, you feel guilty.

So enjoy some pizza on Friday night or pancakes on Saturday morning without the guilt. It’s part of your plan.

You could lose up to 5 pounds this week with this approach (we recently had a client in our coaching group that lost 6 doing this).

Then, your transition into a long-term approach is actually achievable.  Doing this any longer than 7 days becomes miserable.

In fact, if you love eating carbs (that’s me), then you can see what I did for a very special client of mine named Lori.

You’ll be able to enjoy 4X the “cheat meals” than this 7-day plan, yet still lose a modest 2-3 pounds a week.

It’s my “Achievable Body” plan.

Having more reward meals than a single cheat day and not destroying your joints sound good?

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