A Big Posture Exercise Mistake

Another interview for you today and it is on posture.

The interview is with Dr. Natalie Cordova.

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 Big Posture Exercise Mistakes Fitness Professionals Make

In the interview Dr. Natalie Cordova shares with you:

  • What a fitness professional should look at when it comes to the posture of their client
  • Two ways that a fitness professional can help out their clients
  • How you can use exercise to counterbalance the stresses of life
  • Common postural issues people have
  • Focusing on posture of pain reasons but also for health
  • Muscles that need to be focused in on when it comes to posture
  • Why we should focus on posture and not just on the spine
  • Where her passion for posture started
  • Who is Dr. Natalie Cordova

Click Here to listen to the posture exercise interview.

Dr. Natalie Cordova is a posture expert, chiropractor and health educator in Houston, Texas.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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