Posture and Scapular Muscles

When you’re working on your computer all day or doing chores that don’t require much movement, your posture probably takes a hit. Add in some intense workouts, and you might have scapular muscles that aren’t quite ready for the strain you’ve put them through. Trying to get back into the swing of things again? Get back on track with these great stretches for posture and scapular muscles to ease stress, strain, and tension from those tough workouts.

I just finished reviewing all the journals from last week. I’ve already talked about what I do in a previous post. You can find out more in my 6 Must Read Journals for Exercise and Injuries.

I came across two articles that are great and will be helpful regarding neck pain, shoulder pain, scapular stabilization, and poor posture.

Let’s get to the two articles.

Can Head Posture Affects Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, and Scapular Muscles?

Bodywork_JournalIn this research, they assessed the effects of forwarding head posture in a sitting position on the activity of the scapular upward rotators during loaded isometric shoulder flexion in the sagittal plane.

Three Keys I Got Out of This Articles:

  1. With forwarding head posture, there is an increase in EMG (muscle activity) activity in the upper trapezius and lower trapezius and a decrease in EMG activity in the serratus anterior during loaded isometric shoulder flexion.
  2. Forward head posture may contribute to neck and shoulder pain during loaded shoulder flexion in sitting. This can be an issue for all of us. Poor head posture could lead to neck and shoulder pain when driving, working, and being at our computers.
  3. A neutral head position is advantageous in reducing upper and lower trapezius activity and enhancing anterior serratus activity as compared with forwarding head posture during loaded shoulder flexion.

Can Stretching Help with Rounded Shoulders and Scapular Stabilizers?

In this article, they performed pectoralis minor soft tissue mobilization and self-stretching of pectoralis minor.


Three Keys I Got Out of This Articles:

  1. Pectoralis minor soft tissue mobilization and self-stretching of pectoralis minor significantly reduced rounded shoulder posture.
  2. Rounded shoulder posture remained reduced after two weeks of a single treatment.
  3. Lower trapezius strength improved when rounded shoulder posture improved.

I will dig into the Exercises For Injuries blog if you want more information. I have done some other posts in the past.

Other areas you can get more information are:

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  • Core Stability of the Shoulder – This is a live course where I go into more detail regarding scapular muscles.
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That is it. Take care.

Rick Kaselj, MS

Scapular Stabilization Exercises