Three Postural Exercises Your Clients Should Be Doing

Three Postural Exercises Your Clients Should Be Doing copy

I have another video for you.

It is on posture.

I had done a postural assessment workshop in Regina, Saskatchewan in May.  While I was there, I was walking the hallways of the University of Regina and was thinking about what three exercises would I give my client to improve their posture, if I could only give three.  So I did a quick video for you on the three that I would give my client.

I know it sounds like I am in a wind tunnel.  This is one of my first videos so I was still getting use to things.

Enjoy the video and please do leave a comment.  Let me know what you think of the video and if you have any key exercises you give your clients to help them with their posture.

Click Here To See the Video of the Three Posture Exercises

I am presenting the Postural Assessment & Exercise Prescription course again.  It won’t be until January 2010.

Click Here for the Posture Course Outline

Have an amazing day.

– Rick Kaselj