A Plank Tweak To Strengthen Your Hips

A Plank Tweak To Strengthen Your Hips

I’m recovering from the weekend.

I made a quick trip to Orange County, California to do some teaching when it comes to writing blog posts and how to do your YouTube videos.

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Speaking of YouTube videos, I have a new one for you today.

In this video, I wanted to show you how to do the plank to help in rehabilitating your hip.

A Plank Tweak To Strengthen Your Hips

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I will get Alix to demonstrate.

Start in the Wall Plank position, arms length away from the wall and then coming down to your forearms. Your forearms should be below shoulder height. Staying in this position is a great abdominal core exercise.

Wall Plank

Wall Plank

If you want to challenge the hip more and make the exercise more applicable to hip injury recovery, add a knee driver. Add a knee driver by bringing the knee up while keeping the rest of your body in the same position. The movement is just happening at your hip,  keeping the abdominal area tight and maintaining that good alignment with the rest of your body.

Front Plank

Wall Front Plank

Move from a Front Plank to a Side Plank. Bring your knee up, making sure that your knee is below hip height. The supporting leg needs to keep the outer part of your hip working in order to keep the body in a straight line. Switch to your opposite leg.

Side Plank

Wall Side Plank

Return back to the front position with the knee driver and then go to the other side. Move from Front, Side, Front and then Side Plank.

There you go! Do the Wall Plank and add that knee driver that will challenge the hip and work on hip stability which often decreases when you have hip pain, hip injury or hip irritation.

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