An AWESOME Fall Tradition

I moved the family up to Kelowna in the summer and in September my dad and mom followed us up to Kelowna as well.

It is great to have them here and awesome that they get a chance to spend more time with the kids.

One other benefit is I get more of my mom’s cooking.

One of my favorite dishes is a fall tradition and it’s this:

Croatian Plum DumplingsThey are called – “Knedle s Sljivama” or Croatian Plum Dumplings. (You can check out the recipe, here)

They are amazing!

Since it is fall and the time of year when plums are perfectly ripe. I love plums as a snack but when they are turned into dumplings, they are heaven.

I hope you have some fall traditions and foods that you enjoy. If you do, let me know about them over here.

Now I wanted to give a shout out to Ed Rust. Ed posted this on the Exercises For Injuries Facebook Fan Page:

Ed Rust and Fix My Shoulder Pain

Very awesome to help Ed overcome his shoulder pain and help him set two new records.

If any of my writing, videos or products have helped you overcome come injury or pain, please let me know over here at the EFI fan page.

One last thing, Where do you workout?

I have been workout out more and more at home, here is my gym…

Workout Room

We have  a big “Great Room” that is under the garage. Kids have their toys in most of it but I have a 6×6 space where I can do my workouts. I don’t need much room to jump rope, swing the kettlebell or do bodyweight exercises.

Now where do you workout? Post up your photo, here.

That’s it, have a great day.

Rick Kaselj, MS

P.S. – Yes, I have been using the word “Awesome” a lot of late. My kids are really into Lego and the Lego movie so all I hear every day is “Everything is Awesome.”

(I know, now that song is stuck in your head.)