Are All Protein Supplements the Same with Rob King

Are All Protein Supplements the Same with Rob King

Hey, this is Rick Kaselj from

I’m down here in Las Vegas at a fitness business meeting/mastermind and I ran into Rob King.

I seem to run into Rob King all over the world and he was also down here in Las Vegas.

Rob is a Canadian but on the other side of Canada so we visit each other on the weekends. (Sarcasm – many people ask me if I know “so and so” in Toronto.  Toronto is a 5-hour flight from Vancouver. A lot of people do not realize how big Canada is.)

Rob does a lot when it comes to the supplements side of things.

I had a couple of questions for him about supplements and protein supplements and he’s going to share his answers with you.

Take it away, Rob King:

Hey, it’s Rob King here.

In case you didn’t know I kind of stalked Rick a little bit. (I have run into Rob in San Diego, Orange County, and Edmonton.)

He thinks that it’s just a coincidence, but it is not; I’ve got his travel agenda and I’m there. I stalk that guy like crazy. (In a friendly Canadian way.  Plus guys from the Canadian Rock, Newfoundland, are some of the best people in the world.)

One thing that Rick wants to talk about is he wants me to explain to you the importance of protein.

One thing that I hear from my clients all the time is:

“I don’t need protein”, or “I get enough protein for my diet”.

The reality is, you don’t.

So let’s be very clear about this, you don’t.

The more protein you can add, the better.

Protein is one of those things, in my opinion, and I’ve been in this game for 20 years; I stand by the fact you can’t have too much protein.

Most athletes, if you are training at all, need more protein than a regular couch potato.

On top of that, you know when we look at the quality of the protein you are getting. Remember, quality over quantity. Sometimes it’s good that you supplement your protein intake with whey protein or a branch chain of amino acids, instead of just relying on food because a lot of the food that we eat these days is not good for us as well.

Keep the protein in the diet up as much as you can.

I hate to say this, but we restrict and time our carbohydrates to have it run in our workout but we have protein all day.

My Ripped in 42 clients is getting insane results fast and crazy.

They improve in recovery, improve new system health, everything.

Up your protein.

Don’t be afraid in taking more protein.

Don’t believe in the myths of “too much protein is bad for the kidneys and all that crap” because it’s crap.

Up with your protein, hope this helps.

Make sure to leave the comment below. Rick and I will help you out.

Awesome! Thanks, Rob.

Before I go, here is another video interview that I did with Rob:

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