How Bootcamp Finishers Can Make Your Clients Warriors

How Bootcamp Finishers Can Make Your Clients Warriors

Hey, this is Rick Kaselj from

I’m down here in Las Vegas (again) for a fitness mastermind meeting and I ran into Mike Whitfield (again).

While in Vegas and at other seminars that I attend, I like to interview other experts.

Mike is an expert in “Finishers.”

What Mike is going to talk about is an issue that he had when it came to running his Bootcamp.

So if you are a Bootcamp owner. watch the video, he has got some great information to help you with your Bootcamp.

How Bootcamp Finishers Can Make Your Clients Warriors

Thanks a lot, Rick. As Rick said I was running bootcamps and I was trying to figure out when to beat Bootcamp boredom.

And the thing that I used in my boot camps to help beat Bootcamp boredom was finishers, I’m a finishers guy.

I was using those with my one-on-one clients and they loved it but I was not translating that into bootcamps so I had to figure out a way to use finishers with my bootcamps.

What I did is I took the finishers that I used with my one-on-one clients to figure out how to integrate them into my bootcamps and make them into something I can use in a Bootcamp setting.

That’s how Bootcamp Finishers was born.

Now the good way of doing that is the density method, which my boot campers love.

This is when you set a certain amount of time, usually pretty short, because it is a finisher in the neighborhood of 3-5 minutes.

So you have that set time and you either have a superset or a circuit of 3 exercises.

And what I like to do is just play with the sets and reps schemes because that brings a new dynamic to the workout.

You get the boot campers addicted to working out, getting results and that’s what it is all about because that of course brings them back.

You have a circuit that you have to do in 3-5 minutes and I like to do it with fewer reps.

An Example of a Bootcamp Finisher is:

  • elbow swings for 5 reps
  • then you drop down into a burpee for let’s say 3 reps
  • then you do push-ups for 5 reps

What you do is you go through that circuit as many times as possible in 3-5 minutes.

Now what’s good about that is all campers can go through their own pace because the rest period is really up to them.

They can just take a break when they need to and they hop back right in.

So that’s how I’ve used Bootcamp finishers with my bootcamps.

And that’s why I had to move my bootcamps. I had a small suite next to the gym that I was training at, and I moved up to the high school up to the street I had 20 campers at 6 a.m. during summer and the kicker was most of those were teachers.

That’s cool to see how Bootcamp Finishers explode my business because I solely relied on referrals for bringing those boot campers in.

That’s kind of the synopsis of how the Bootcamp finishers were born and how they can help you.

Rick Kaselj: Awesome. Thank you very much, Mike. So where can people get more information on you?

Mike Whitfield: You can go here and that’s where you’ll get the Bootcamp finishers done for you right then and there.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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