Avoiding the Fitness Relapse

Avoiding the Fitness Relapse

I have a guest post from Brian on avoiding common fitness relapses.

~ Rick Kaselj

My name is Brian Kalakay. I am the creator of the Boot Camp Games franchise and owner of Xtreme Results in Lapeer, MI (Lapeer’s #1 Fat Loss Facility).

Let me ask you something.

Have you ever wanted to participate in a super intense, muscles tanking, sweat-pouring workout that would scare your fat away and send your plateaus packing?

We’re talking about a workout that you could do, and 5 minutes after it is over, you feel like a new person and can almost see instant results.

For most of us, the answer to this question is yes.

The problem becomes a combination of the following things:

  1. The workout destroys your joints 5 minutes in, and the pain is too much to continue.
  2. The workout is 45 minutes to an hour in length, so you don’t have time to ramp up to that full intensity during the workout.
  3. You don’t have access to the proper equipment needed to help your body achieve a proper workout.
  4. There isn’t enough space in your room to work out effectively.
  5. When you work out alone, you feel like a failure because 70% of the exercises feel awkward.
  6. You lose motivation quickly because you don’t see enough results or plateau extremely fast.

Do you struggle with obstacles like the ones listed above?

If you do, do not worry, you are not alone. 86% of people who start a fitness program experience a “fitness relapse.”

A fitness relapse is when people fall back to their starting weight or measurement, sometimes even worse because they gave up halfway through the program or quit after it was over.

I own a premier fat loss facility here in Lapeer, Michigan. I currently have over 130 active members, and if I had a nickel for every time someone came to me for help after they experienced a fitness relapse, I could literally retire.

The even more shocking part is that they usually went through this because of one or more of the reasons I listed above.

How do you avoid a fitness relapse?

Well, it’s not easy, but it is doable. Follow the six steps I have listed below, and you will be on your way to a PERMANENTLY lean lifestyle with no chance of a fitness relapse.

1. Find a workout program that fits your busy schedule instead of trying to fit your busy schedule into a workout time.

This means using workouts that are 30 minutes or less, if possible. That way, time is never an obstacle that holds you back from an intense workout. Remember, your fat loves the time excuse!

2. Make sure the trainer in the program knows joint and muscle health.

One of the main reasons people stop training is because their joints hurt too bad, or they constantly overtrain muscles and end up in pain. To avoid this, ensure the trainer who is structuring the workout program is knowledgeable about joint and muscle health.


My new Lean in 17 programs offer crunch and sit-up free workouts (to protect your lower back), alternative versions for people with bad joints, explanations of every exercise in depth (to avoid injury), and are cycled in a “non-competitive” manner so that you don’t over-train your muscles but still feel the “burn.”

3. Find workouts that don’t rely on fancy equipment.

This way, if you catch yourself and you cannot make it to the gym or cannot afford a gym membership, you can still get your daily workout in.

4. Get proper instructions on how to perform exercises.

When you are lost, or the exercise doesn’t feel right, seek out the help of an expert or trainer. Nine times out of ten, you can find a good explanation on YouTube or Google of how to perform an exercise.

If the workout program is of high quality, the person in the program will usually explain everything in-depth. And give you alternatives in case you aren’t able to complete an exercise in the proper form.

This is what I do in my Lean in 17 programs.

5. Find workouts that can be done anytime/ anywhere.

You should be able to perform a proper workout in a space the size of an elevator. Because if you can do this, you can work out anytime and anywhere. Thus the number of excuses you have that will stop you from getting in your workout will erode.

6. Cycle through different workout programs to avoid plateauing and losing motivation.

Looking into the program is the biggest way to see if your actions will work. And see if everything is cycled on a calendar or planner to work for certain muscle groups on certain days of the week. If it is, it will work for a little while.

Final Word

If you want to keep those plateaus far away from you and your motivation higher, check out my Lean in 17 programs. We cycle everything on a NEW 9-Day Muscle Depletion Cycle that is proven to keep your results coming and plateaus as far away from you as possible.

For more lean tips and tricks to help you live lean and avoid fitness relapse. Click on the image below to get the details of my brand new Lean in 17 Minutes program. And yes, all the workouts are done in just 17 minutes ;).

I hope you take these tips and use them. The last thing I want is for you to start getting results and then have your fitness relapse.

Keep Rocking It!

Brian Kalakay, CTT

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