Benefits of Handstand Push Ups

Benefits of Handstand Push Ups

I have made it to my destination in New Brunswick and now I am hanging out with Dan Go and Eric Wong.

We are hanging out in the living room swatting mosquitoes while we work on our blog posts and articles. It has been great chatting with them both about what they are working on, doing, and training.

Now for what I’ve got for you today.

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post on how to do a handstand against the wall.

Today, Logan has a progression for the handstand that you can give a try, you can check out what he does here:

Rick Kaselj: You saw what Logan did and now we are going to talk a little bit about what Logan did. But first I get Logan to introduce himself.

So Logan, who are you and why do you do those kinds of things?

Logan Christopher: My name is Logan Christopher from Santa Cruz California. I just got into exercising and wanted to go as far as I can having fun by doing some stuff like handstand push-ups, kettlebell juggling, and all kinds of crazy stuff. I pulled fire trucks by my hair, that’s what I do.

Rick Kaselj: You wrote an article on exercises for injuries about handstands and now that the progression is to do the handstand push-ups. Maybe you can talk about the benefit of like doing a handstand and kind of progressing to handstand push-ups.

Logan Christopher: Sure. So with the handstands some of the benefits are you are inverted, which actually if you look at some Yoga information it is great for your health just getting in that reverse flow of gravity you are training your whole body as one unit, learning on how to use it with some coordination balance even against the wall.

For most people the first time they try it is not a very coordinated move. So when you go out to do it in the open it takes a lot more to do that and that takes quite a bit more training but you don’t even need to do that to get the benefits of doing it, even against the wall just working on the handstands then going to handstand push-ups is a phenomenal exercise to build strength, coordination, and kinds of things.

Rick Kaselj: And it is a neat party trick. You can knock that out and entertain people from it.

Logan Christopher: Absolutely, I have entertainment with parties.

Rick Kaselj: Have a look at the article where Logan talks about working on doing handstands. There are a lot of benefits from the handstands side of things and you can end up progressing to the handstand push-ups. Do you have any other things that you want to add?

Logan Christopher: I would say this, the reason that I got into handstands was I just saw someone else doing it and I said wow I want to be able to do that. It goes a long way to work out things but if you can find things in your exercise and training that you are enjoying and have fun with you are going to get more benefit from doing it. It’s not going to be a thing about motivation or anything like that. It is really easy because it is fun to do.

Rick Kaselj: Yeah. And if you are the kind of challenging person that Logan is, it is something that you can work up to. Logan where can people get more information about you?

Logan Christopher: that’s my main website, all sorts of information are there.

Rick Kaselj: About incredible feats of strength or pure entertainment, so either/or.

Logan Christopher: Yes, like juggling kettlebells.

Rick Kaselj: Yes, we were watching some of it last night.

Logan Christopher: It’s fun stuff and it’s also fun to watch. You can find my Youtube channel and just look around and you will be entertained.

Rick Kaselj: If you would like to progress to handstand pushups, you can check out The Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups that Logan put together.

Take care and bye-bye.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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