Best Exercise to Loosens Up Your Shoulders

Best Exercise to Loosen Up Your Shoulders

I wanted to go through a great exercise that loosens up your shoulders.

The exercise is called Head Circles. This exercise will help lubricate the shoulder joint, loosen it up, dynamically stretch it, and work the stabilizing muscles in the shoulder. For this exercise, you will need a medicine ball, a dumbbell, a kettlebell, or other weights. Depending on how strong your shoulders are, you may want a heavier or lighter weight. If weight is too much for your shoulders, you can use something light or even go through the movement without a weight.

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Head Circles to the right

I had Donnalee demonstrate the exercise.

Hold the ball in front of you. Move the ball to one side. Next, move to the other side. Then bring the ball behind your head and let it hang a little, stretching your shoulders.

Head Circles to the right

Head Circles to the right

This is a four-step exercise. You don’t want to do the exercise this slowly, but we will break it down and go through it again.

  1. Place the ball to the front, holding it close to your body. Move to the side, working on that shoulder with almost full flexion. With the elbow tucked in, we are working on the stabilizers in the shoulder. And with the arm above, we are working with the stabilizers.
  2. Bring the ball behind your head. You are stretching the shoulder, working the mid-back and shoulder blade muscles, and stretching out the lats.
  3. Move to the other side. You are activating the lats, the scapular muscles, and the shoulder blade muscles, working on dynamically stretching that shoulder.
  4. Return out front to the starting position. Move in the opposite direction as well.

Head Circles to the left

Head Circles to the left

Head Circles to the left

You can do this several times. Start with the four steps or break it down into four steps. Once you are comfortable with the four steps, try to bring those four steps together into a fluid movement.

You can do this exercise with a medicine ball, a dumbbell, a kettlebell, or anything from your home that has a little bit of weight. Make sure you are doing the exercise in both directions because it targets the shoulder, mid-back, and scapular muscles differently.

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