Best Facebook Posts for 2016

In 2016, I focused on the Exercises For Injuries Facebook fan page. If you are not a fan yet, make sure to “Like” the page here.

I wanted to share with you the best Facebook posts for 2016. Scroll down below and check out the top 10 posts.



Best Facebook Posts of Exercises For Injuries for 2016

#10 – The aim of the study was to construct an integrated rehabilitation exercise program to prevent chronic pain and improve motor ability in cases of ankle injury and re-injury.


#9 – The aim of this study was to compare the effect of home-based and supervised center-based selective rehabilitation in patients with Grade 1 to 3 posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD).


#8 – The aim was to examine whether texting on a mobile phone is a risk factor for musculoskeletal disorders in the neck and upper extremities in a population of young adults.


#7 – To systematically review the effects of exercise training and the type of exercise training on changes in bone mineral density (BMD) in Korean postmenopausal women.


#6 – Learn to tone your upper and lower body with these great exercises and improve your body function and performance as well as prevent injury.


#5 – This study performed to investigate the effect of elastic band exercise program on the posture of subjects with rounded shoulder and forward head posture.


#4 – [TIGHT HAMSTRINGS?]  Give these a go!  Here are few exercises to help you with your tight hamstrings.


#3 – Here are four different exercises that target your hip flexors in order to decrease the pain in them, loosen them up, and stretch them out. Check this!


#2 – [TIGHT HAMSTRINGS?]  Let me show you what to do….


#1 – [SQUAT]  Do you squat?  If you do, give these a go!  Here are 4 exercises to help you squat better.


Rick Kaselj, MS

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