Best Mobility Exercises For The Neck

Best Mobility Exercises For The Neck

In this video, I wanted to go through the best mobility exercises for the neck. Neck pain and tension are extremely common. You have probably woken up with a kink in your neck, or moved your neck too quickly and aggravated it. Keeping the neck mobile and not stiff is necessary to prevent injury and pain. Use the exercises in this post to help increase your neck mobility and keep your neck muscles healthy.

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I will get Andrea to demonstrate.

For this exercise, you will perform four exercises to help mobilize your neck, focusing on the mid-back. Begin seated in a chair with your back straight, not leaning against the backrest. Start off crossing your hands onto opposite shoulders and then doing a side bend. Try to focus on the mid-back area where the movement is happening, and then you are going to move your head. Your head is going to follow this movement, and then you are going to move to the other side. Do side bending with the mid-back and your head and then return to the start. You are then going to arch, focusing on arching in that mid-back area and bringing the head back. Move forward, rounding through the mid-back area and bringing the head forward.

Best Mobility Exercises For The Neck

Start off with 2-3 repetitions in each direction. When it comes to the length of the hold, go for a 1-2 second hold. After you have done that, see how you feel. If you feel worse, make sure you are doing the exercises correctly. If it still doesn’t feel right, discontinue the exercise. If the exercise makes you feel better, you can progress the exercise. You can progress to about 5 repetitions in each direction. You can do this exercise every day. You are loosening up the mid-back and the neck in order to give the neck more movement. Make sure to go through all four of those directions: left side, right side, back, and forward.

The neck is a very sensitive area, and the muscles in the neck can become aggravated easily. Make sure you start off very gently with these exercises and slowly progress to more repetitions and longer holds.

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