BEST Whole Body Filler Exercise to Do

BEST Whole Body Filler Exercise to Do

Some people are intimidated by exercising like a whole body filler exercise. They worry it will be too painful or too strenuous. These fears may keep them from starting a workout routine, negatively affecting their health. But there are other ways to get fit without being so intense, including whole body filler exercises between workouts that don’t require equipment.

Fillers are exercises you can use as a break between two workouts or sets of certain weight exercises or muscle groups. We usually do these exercises for 5-10 minutes, and they focus on the whole body to give it a rest. Furthermore, they can also be targeted at the problem areas for an individual.

Fillers also serve as a recovery exercise after intense workouts because they work out different muscles and relieve stress. This is because fillers will activate the vagus nerve, which helps with recovery by releasing endorphins in your body. They can be any exercise you can do without equipment, for example, stretching, planks, lunges, etc.

There is no right or wrong filler to choose from – it all depends on your workout plan and what you need at the time – so pick whatever feels good! But let us show you some great filler exercises you can add to your workout routine right now.

I’ll review a brief exercise you can do between sets- the Prisoner Split Lunge.

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I had Donnalee do a demonstration for me of the whole body filler exercise.

Place your front and back legs at 90 degrees in a conventional lunge position. Bring your arms to the side and your hands to the back of your head. Then, keep your chest open to the front and contract your mid-back area. Bring your back knee to the floor and raise your back into the lunge movement.

Prisoner Split Lunge (Side View)

Prisoner Split Lunge (Side View)

This exercise is beneficial since it strengthens the ankles, knees, hip range of motion, and hip mobility. We’re focusing on those shoulder stabilizers in the upper torso. We’re working on stretching the front of the chest area and relaxing the upper trapezius.

Make sure you have a good technique for the whole body filler exercise. Take a stride forward, then a step back. The weight should be evenly distributed between the front foot and the back toe.

Prisoner Split Lunge (Front View)

Prisoner Split Lunge (Front View)

Aim for 5 to 10 repetitions to loosen, strengthen, and activate the entire body.

Between whole body filler exercises or sets, do that exercise to relax your ankles, activate and strengthen your knees, loosen up and strengthen your hips, and stretch out and activate your shoulder area. This exercise is an excellent approach to correct common imbalances caused by excessive sitting. Sitting for lengthy periods can cause hip flexor strain, chest tightness, glute weakness, and scapular instability. Moreover, the prisoner split lunge corrects all these imbalances, letting you move and feel better during and after your whole body filler exercise.

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Rick Kaselj, MS

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