BEST Whole Body Filler Exercise to Do

BEST Whole Body Filler Exercise to Do

In this video, I will go through the Best Whole Body Filler Exercise to Do.

As you know, Filler Exercises are exercises that you can do in between your exercises or in between your sets in order to help you overcome injury, prevent injury, improve your movement, and improve your mobility.

I will go through this quick exercise that you can do between sets. It is called the Prisoner Split Lunge.

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I had Donnalee demonstrate.

Move into a standard lunge position, with your front and back legs at 90 degrees. Bring your hands to the back or your head and your arms out to the side. Really contract that mid-back area and keep your chest open to the front. Move into the lunge movement, bringing your back knee to the floor and then raising back up.

Prisoner Split Lunge (Side View)

Prisoner Split Lunge (Side View)

This exercise is good because it works on ankle mobility, knee strength, hip range of motion and hip mobility. In the upper body, we are working on those stabilizers in the shoulder. We are working on good movement to relax the upper trapezius and stretching the front of the chest area.

Take one step forward and one step back. Weight should be even on the front foot and on the back toe. Make sure that your technique is good.

Prisoner Split Lunge (Front View)

Prisoner Split Lunge (Front View)

Doing 5 to 10 repetitions will help in loosening, strengthening and activating the whole body.

Give that exercise a go between your exercises or sets in order to loosen up your ankles, to activate and strengthen your knees, to loosen up and strengthen your hips, and also to stretch out and activate your shoulder area. This exercise is a great way to reverse classic imbalances that many people have from sitting too much. Prolonged sitting leads to hip flexor tightness, chest tightness, glute weakness and poor scapular stability. The prisoner split lunge helps correct all of those imbalances, allowing you to move and feel better during your workout and after. 

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Rick Kaselj, MS

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