Building World Class Shoulder Stability with Kettlebells

Building World Class Shoulder Stability with Kettlebells

I was digging in my blog drafts folder and found this blog post. It is from Tyler Bramlett.

Speaking of Tyler, I was booking my trip to California to visit him in August, and looking forward to it! I got a great tip from Tyler today to help you with your shoulder stability.

Enjoy the tip!

Rick Kaselj, MS

Hey there, Tyler here from This special guest video is for Rick Kaselj and everyone over at

Building World Class Shoulder Stability with Kettlebells

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I will teach you how to build excellent stability in your shoulders using a kettlebell. This is an exercise that I love, which is called the Turkish GetUp and Press.

I will show you a spin on the exercise that will build stability in your shoulder that you cannot build in any other way.

Now, you may think I am crazy or just bluffing, but try it for yourselves at home, and you will know instantly that this is one of the best exercises you can do for a full range of motion shoulder stability.

You will need a kettlebell. I am going to walk you through the exercise as we go.

Turkish Get and Press

Turkish GetUp and Press

Turkish GetUp and Press

Lie on your back. I am going to start with a light kettlebell. I am locked up in the overhead position, and the bottom is up. So we are looking for the kettlebell to be above your wrist.

You lift the same leg from there as the arm holding the kettlebell. Your arm is at a 45-degree angle. Cap your shoulder down as if you were going to do a bench press. From there, you bring your elbow down and back up, so you will be doing a press.

Turkish Get Up and Press (continuation)

Turkish GetUp and Press

And then squeeze your stomach muscles. Come up to your elbow and keep it tight. And come down to your hip with your elbow and back up to do another press. Come up with your hand, slow down to your hip, and back up to the top position. Pop your hips up, and you are going to hold this position. Come down, back up, and then bring your leg through so your body is in that 90-degree kneel position.

Come down as far as you feel comfortable because this one stretches your shoulder capsule as it strengthens it. Press it up, return to the kneeling position, save your core and your hips, come down and press up. Finally, stand up under control, then press down, press it back up and lock it up.

Final Thought

Now that’s seven presses as you go to the Turkish GetUp and the Bottoms Up Position. That is only 25lbs. kettlebell, but I can feel my wrist, grip, shoulder, and core burning simultaneously. So if you guys want an extremely challenging exercise that will build bulletproof shoulders, then you got to try the Bottoms Up, Turkish GetUp, and press with a kettlebell.

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I hope you practice this exercise at home and we will talk to you soon.

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