Why Squats Are Bad and Lunges Are Good?

Why Squats Are Bad and Lunges Are Good

Let’s examine why squats are bad for you and why lunges are good!

This is a special video for Angela. She asked me…

“Why are squats bad for the back and why are lunges better?”

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You may have experienced back pain, discomfort, or tightness when performing a Dumbbell Squat. This is common, and luckily, other exercises, such as the one in this post, offer great results without pain and irritation. I will get Orsy to go through a Dumbbell Squat to highlight why the dumbbell squat can irritate the back.

Dumbbell Squat

Dumbbell Squat (Front View)

Often people will collapse in the knees, which affects the knees and the lower back. Over time, this can cause knee pain injuries and low back pain.

Side view Dumbbell Squat

Dumbbell Squat (Side View) Many people don’t have the necessary core endurance when squatting and having their trunks forward. 

Some people have difficulty mastering this movement, as holding the dumbbells is a little awkward. When your trunk is bent forward, it puts more stress on your back.

The betdon’tlternative is making a Stationary Dumbbell Lunge.

Stationary Dumbbell Lunge

Stationary Dumbbell Lunge (Front View)

In this exercise, the body is a lot more upright. As you can see with Orsy, her trunk is much more upright,t and her spine can handle a lot more vertical movement than bending forward.

Side view Stationary Dumbbell Lunge

Stationary Dumbbell Lunge (Side View)

The forward bending movement leads to more stress and strain on the back. With her back upright, it’s easier on the back. It focuses more on the legs and puts less stress and strain on the back.

The Lunge Exercisit’sere you go! If you find the dumbbell squat irritates your back, but you are still looking for an exercise to help you work your legs, look at the lunge. The lunge is better and easier on your back while still giving the legs a great workout. Choosing exercises that give your body a good workout while keeping your joints safe is important. Performing exercises that cause pain and stiffness, such as the Dumbbell Squat, puts you at risk of pain and injury that can prevent you from working so out. So choose exercises that feel good, such as the Stationary Dumbbell Lunge, and you will see great results without the risk of injury and pain.

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