4 Fitness Hacks You Need in Your Life

Finding time to exercise during the day can be difficult but doing so can be beneficial to your health and well-being in the long. Even doing something as simple as household chores can allow you […]

2 Unilateral Exercises You Should Be Doing

In a day where there are so many people having knee replacements, shoulder and elbows issues, it’s important that we have not just one dominant side of strength. Incorporating single-sided movements can improve your strength, […]

5-Minute Office Yoga at Your Desk

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video. #1 – Seated Half-moon Stretch Begin in an upright sitting position with your feet flat on the floor and maintaining proper alignment with your head, shoulders, and hips. […]

What is Causing Your Hip Pain?

You may not realize it, but your hips serve as your body’s foundation as you move through the world. They not only provide stability for your pelvis and core, but they also influence your posture, […]

9 Ways to Make Exercise a Higher Priority

Every year, your doctor admonishes you to make exercise a higher priority. You know you haven’t had a full, physical workout since sometime in the past four years. A muffin-top has overshadowed your belt. You […]

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