Cool New Rotator Cuff Exercise

Today I want to show you a cool new rotator cuff exercise that I have been doing.

I call it the Rotator Cuff Side Plank Exercise.

I am always looking for ways of doing exercises that are simple and fun for my clients.  It might be a modification or a regression on a common exercise we do.  Plus I always like to do exercises that use common equipment that people already have or can get at a low cost.

This exercise is perfect for fitting the bill.

Rotator Cuff Side Plank Exercise is very easy to do and it doesn’t require any equipment other than a wall.

I love using the wall.  It is an easy piece of equipment everyone has access to and almost any bodyweight exercise that you do on the floor, you can regress the exercise and perform it on the wall.

Looking at how we set up for the Rotator Cuff Side Plank exercise.

Move up against the wall. In a traditional side plank, bring the arm just below shoulder height. Having it in a position just below shoulder height keeps it away from any pinching in the shoulder joint and decreases the activation of upper trapezius.

For the rotator cuff side plank exercise, I bring my arm out to the side to about 45 degrees from the body, with my forearm up against the wall and the upper arm in line with the body.

My body is at a light lean. If I want to increase the resistance of the exercise, I can increase the angle that my body is at.

After I have my shoulder set up, I make sure that the rest of me is set up. I have my head,  trunk and the rest of my body in good alignment (straight line) and activate those scapular muscles.

Here is a Video of the Rotator Cuff Side Plank Exercise:

CLICK HERE to watch the Rotator Cuff Side Plank Exercise

Start by slowly lifting yourself away from the wall using your arm to move yourself away from the wall until you are about 70 degrees of shoulder abduction (arm to the side).  Then you will return back to the starting position.

In the exercise I am concentrically working the shoulder muscles and also the rotator cuff from the start to end position. And then when I go from the end position to the starting position, I am eccentrically working the shoulder muscles (deltoid) and rotator cuff muscles (specifically supraspinatus).

It looks like a very simple and easy exercise and it is, but it really targets the shoulder muscles and rotator cuff muscles.

Give it a try. It will end up working on strengthening your shoulder and strengthening your rotator cuff muscle.

Well there you go.

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Rick Kaselj, MS

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