DIY Garden in a Mint Tin


A garden need not necessarily be made from multiple acres of land that are tilled with massive agricultural combines and require staff to maintain. Smaller plots of land can be properly managed by an elderly couple in their 60s. But even that isn’t the smallest you can go in terms of horticulture.

Have you ever grown a plant in a mint tin? This is perfect for tiny homes or other very small living situations. Whether you’re in a prefabricated unit, live out of a motorhome, reside in a cozy apartment or something else that is restricted from land management, there are growing options you can pursue.

Mint tin is ideal. Here’s what you do: find a can of Altoids or other mints. First, eat all the mints. You can certainly throw them away, but this is wasteful. Once you’ve got an empty tin, you’ll want to poke some holes in the bottom. Next, fill it with the proper soil or fertilized “plant food” you want for your plant, and finally, put in the foliage of some kind.

There are all sorts of options here. The sort of thinking you’re looking to bring to the table is that which eventually brought the world miniature bonsai trees. Essentially, you’re going “small,” so look at different plants. You don’t necessarily have to go with a bonsai tree. Certain vines can be started in a mint tin as can many types of flowers.


A Tangy Little Garden

DIY Garden in a Mint Tin: Lemon mint is a well-known plant that is often grown in small environments. This even fits the spirit of the container’s design. It was made to store mints, so now you can grow an eponymous plant.

You don’t need only to use a mint tin, either. Additionally, you could use tin cans, resealable plastic containers or even fish bowls to act as planters. There are all kinds of options you can use. The best ones will have the ability to drain water. When you water the plant, it’ll go right through the soil and out the bottom.

With a mint tin, you’ll want some plate or something onto which to place your tiny garden. This way, the water can leak through the holes in the bottom without increasing rust components, and you can keep from having a wet mess around your tiny planter each time you water. The downside of a diorama in a fishbowl made up of bonsai trees and mint plants are that there’s no drain capability.

DIY Garden in a Mint Tin: If you overwater, you can “choke” the plant. The roots will get unsettled and, ultimately, your efforts may be wasted. Now, that’s not to say such options aren’t manageable, but you want to think about this reality as you go about designing miniature gardens. Also, it’s worth noting that there are plants you can harvest and grow from a mint tin.


Getting Conditions Right for Total Flourish

Certain wheat grasses flourish in this way, and all you’ve got to do is trim the grass when you’re going for a smoothie or something of the kind. Look into various options, and don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit. Because the garden you’re growing is indoors and mobile, you can manufacture the perfect living environment.

A combination of illumination and irrigation are what make your plants grow the best. Finding balance here will help you get the best sustainable results. However, there is a third element to consider as well. Humans need to eat right, exercise and avoid spending too much time with technology owing to the psychological component. There’s a “spiritual” element to flourishing — it’s the same with plants.

Recently, there was an experiment in Japan where a man yelled at one container of rice, sang to another, and left the third one entirely alone. The rice he yelled at putrefied, the rice he complimented fermented and the rice he left alone decomposed naturally as one might have expected.

If you want your garden to grow the best, you’ve got to speak — literally speak — positivity into your horticultural pursuits. Sing to your plants, talk to them, praise them, treat them well, and they will flourish. You’ll have enabled them in a metaphysical sense. A garden in a tin may be small in size, but it can have a big heart.

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