Do This at the Gym Tonight…

Do This at the Gym Tonight

How are things going on Monday? I’m assuming you’re headed to the gym to work out. Try to do this at the gym tonight.

While you’re there, allow me to give you a tip. Between sets, try doing this stretch.

Do This at the Gym Tonight

A bar-hanging stretch.

Any fitness plan must include stretching, but finding the time to complete a full routine can be difficult. However, you can make stretching easier to incorporate into your routine by dividing it into smaller portions and concentrating on just one area at a time.

The bar-hanging stretch is an effective exercise to target the backs of your arms and improve flexibility. Because it requires so little time and effort, it can easily fit into your busy schedule. The best part is that you can perform this stretch practically anywhere, even if you have a small space.

Do This at the Gym Tonight

Your shoulders and back will also be stretched, and your spinal column will decompress if you do this exercise. When hanging from a bar, your lower back receives traction, which causes a slight stretch and releases strain off your back.

Due to the compression of our spine caused by working, sitting, and standing during the day, pressure builds up. Doing this bar-hanging stretch relieves and decompresses your back, thus helping to decompress and relieve that pressure.

Details on How to Do the Stretch

I can use a chin-up bar or a squat rack, and I want to grab the bar above me and ensure my hands are underneath my shoulders

Then you are letting yourself hang, and the big thing I am focusing on is you are letting the hips drop.

Dropping the hips is the key to getting traction and decompression in your spine.


Keys to Remember

  • I will do this for about 15 seconds if this is your first time doing this stretch. You will end up going light because it benefits 95% of people, but for 5% of people, it doesn’t work, and we want to start gently instead of aggressively and irritating things.
  • Work extra hard to drop your hips if you end up being tight in the shoulders and mid-back tightness.
  • After I do one stretch, I want to do a self-test to see how my back feels. Does this make my back feel better? If there is no change or if it ends up irritating your back, make sure your technique is perfect. If it still bothers your back, you are in the group of 5% that this does not work for. So stop doing the exercise.

Even though it sounds too simple, many people still don’t know about the benefits of the bar-hanging stretch. The reason is that this exercise mainly targets the back of your arms and hands and doesn’t involve any other muscles. It is a great stretch for toning the backs of your arms, hands, and forearms and can also improve your range of motion and reduce muscle tension.

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How Was It?

Please reply and let me know how the stretch was for your back.

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