Do This at the Gym Tonight…

Do This at the Gym Tonight

How is your Monday going?

My guess is you are on your way to the gym to work out.

Let me give you a tip while you are there.

This is a great stretch to do between sets.

Do This at the Gym Tonight…

It is a bar-hanging stretch.

What it will do is stretch out your shoulders but also stretch out your back, specifically decompress your spine

When you are hanging from a bar, you are putting traction on your lower back, which is a light stretch of the lower back that leads to relieving the pressure that has built up in your back.

Our spines compress over the day from working, sitting, and standing, which leads to a build-up of pressure in our spines.

This bar hanging stretch help decompresses and relieve that pressure in your back.

Details on How to Do the Stretch

I can use a chin-up bar or a squat rack and what I want to do is grab the bar above me and make sure my hands are underneath my shoulders

Then you are letting yourself hang and the big thing I am focusing on is you are letting the hips drop.

Dropping the hips is the key to getting traction and decompression in your spine.


Keys to Remember

– I am going to do this for about 15 seconds and if this is your first time doing this stretch, you will end up going light, because it ends up benefiting 95% of people but for 5% of people it doesn’t work for and we want to start gently as opposed to going aggressively and irritating things.

– If you end up being tight in the shoulders and mid back tightness, work extra hard to drop your hips.

– After I do one stretch, I want to do a self-test to see how my back feels. Does this make my back feel better? If there is no change or if it ends up irritating your back, make sure your technique is perfect. If it still bothers your back, you are in the group of 5% that this does not work for, so stop doing the exercise.

How Was It?

Reply to me and let me know how the stretch was for your back.

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No one should have to live with pain,

Rick Kaselj, MS

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