Do You Suffer From Adrenal Fatigue?

Do You Suffer From Adrenal Fatigue

Happy Saturday. I hope you have a great weekend plan.

The family and I are heading out to the local farmers’ market to pick up some yummy goodies for the weekend.

Today, I have an interview for you on a very important topic: adrenal fatigue. If you keep getting sick and feeling sluggish, you might be suffering from this. Check out this interview with Dr. Joel Rosen.


CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video interview.

In the interview above, you will discover:

  • Who is Dr. Joel Rosen?
  • What is adrenal fatigue?
  • What are the symptoms of adrenal fatigue?
  • What is the best and most accurate test to check if you suffer from adrenal fatigue?

I hope you enjoyed the interview.

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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