Excellent Bodyweight Corrective Exercise for Rotator Cuff

In this video, I’ll go through an Excellent Bodyweight Corrective Exercise for Rotator Cuff, called “Floor Wall Slides”.

Excellent Bodyweight Corrective Exercise for Rotator Cuff


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I had Donnalee demonstrate.

Lie down on your back on the floor. Start off with your legs straight, then bend your legs. This puts the lower back in a better position and locks your lower body. Relax your whole body, specifically the upper body. Lie with your arms to the side and your palms facing you, then slide your arms along the floor until you bring your hands together over your head. At about shoulder height, rotate your arms out and then continue to the overhead position. Slowly lower back down.

Floor Wall Slides

Floor Wall Slides

Remember that you are sliding the arms along the floor. Try to focus on good movement in that shoulder and shoulder blade. Try to increase your awareness of how your shoulder blades and your shoulders are moving. The rotator cuff is working more and more as your arm moves further and further away from your body. Make sure that you have really good movement in that shoulder and shoulder blade. You need to increase our awareness of that movement so that the muscles can work properly and fire properly.

Do 5 to 10 repetitions, starting off with 5 repetitions in a slow and controlled movement. Try to stay relaxed in that upper trapezius and try to have that movement come from the shoulder joint and from the shoulder blades. Feel how the shoulder is working to keep that upper trapezius relaxed.

When it comes to Bodyweight Corrective Exercises, you can do them before your workout or after your workout. They will help in balancing out your body so that you can move better and perform better when it comes to your exercise or activity.

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