Exciting News for May 2009 from Rick Kaselj

Exciting News for May 2009 from Rick Kaselj copy

An exercise rehab program can help you get fit and stay healthy. If you have been injured, are recovering from an injury, or have a medical condition requiring special attention, an exercise rehab program may be the right choice. An exercise rehab program is a series of exercises that help increase strength and stamina in a safe and controlled environment.

I just got back from Regina, Saskatchewan. You can see it in the photo on the left. I look very serious in the picture. Not sure why? With the change in the month, I thought I would give you an update on what is going on in May. Usually, things slow down in May, but they are ramping up this year. Here are a few things that I have planned for May :

Exercise Rehabilitation of the Lower Body Program

The courses on the knee, hip, ankle/foot, and balance are scheduled for May 30 & 31. They are final and need to get the info on my website.

Exercise Rehabilitation of the Rotator Cuff webinar

I am doing a webinar in May on the most effective exercises for the rotator cuff. I will have more details very soon. In the meantime, please check out our blog for workout ideas and helpful tips.

Upcoming eBooks

I am wrapping up a few eBooks and will let you know when they are complete. For now, stay tuned for more updates. You can visit my website to keep updated on these excellent help books. Please stay connected with me on social media to stay updated when my books are released. Subscribe to my blog to get helpful advice and knowledge to improve your life.

Exercise Rehab Program

I have been training people with injuries for years. Many exercise rehab programs are stored in a box for clients with injuries. I will post here the things I consider the most important for maintaining our health so that we can continue to work out rigorously, build muscle, and burn body fat even after we’ve hurt. This is what I do for myself and my clients.

Beyond Training

I just came back from Regina, Saskatchewan. On Saturday, I present to the Saskatchewan Kinesiology & Exercise Science Association (SKESA in other ways to make money other than just training more people and the 11 online tools I use for my business. It has been exciting doing more business talks. I am currently editing an audio recording of the presentation. I will notify you when it is ready for everyone. 

Postural Assessment & Exercise Prescription Course

On Sunday, I did a full-day course for Saskatchewan Kinesiology & Exercise Science Association in Regina, Saskatchewan. It was great to share postural exercise ideas with the exercise physiologists and Kinesiologists in Saskatchewan.

I feel happy to be doing this work. It is something that I started many years ago because I didn’t know it would impact many people. When more people get involved in an activity, we all benefit. With movements of our body, we can get our blood flowing, oxygen flowing to our muscles and joints, and hormones in our body balanced. Those things help us feel better, live longer, be more energetic, and have more energy than those who don’t. We owe it to the next generation to help keep our bodies in good health so they can exercise and do well in school. This is the most important thing we can do for them. And remember. Exercise is good for you. It is an essential part of healthy living.

The Benefits of an Exercise Rehab Program

An exercise rehab program is the best way to get started if you’re exercising, rehabilitation, or want to improve your fitness. An exercise program helps you monitor your progress, set goals, and create a schedule for your fitness routine. It can also help you deal with everyday challenges that come with exercise, like motivation issues and injuries. An exercise rehab program enables you to stay accountable for your health and fitness goals and provides the tools you need to achieve them.

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video about Simple Rotator Cuff Exercise Tool for Your Client

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